Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cutting Watermelon 101, A re-post

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With the warm weather here, there and everywhere, I have decided to repost this post (that sounds complicated) about watermelon.

I haven't always been a fan of watermelon. It was an acquired taste for me, but since it has almost no calories, it is becoming a satisfying cool summer treat.

My daughter, "B", showed me this trick to cutting up a watermelon. In the past, I would cut the rounds, cut those in half and then proceed to disembowl the watermelon. The way that "B" showed me is way simpler and I hope you find it that way also.

First, wash your melon. I haven't always done this in the past, but when I saw the signs posted at the store, and thought it over, it made perfect sense.

Cut your watermelon in half. Then cut it again in half. You now have a quarter of the melon to work with.
Wow! Those hands look old... ooops, they are old.

Take your knife and cut paralel cuts the length of the melon, like this

Turn it around and do the same on the other side. You can make your cuts any size you like. For a fancy fruit salad, you might want them smaller than what I have here.

Now, cut along the rind on both sides. Cut deeply so that the melon is released from the rind.

Now take your trusty little knife and cut down to make squares, Cut all the way to the rind.
At this point, I always have a sample of the product. We don't want to serve inferior melons...

Get your container ready. It can be a bowl, a plate, etc

Your melon will litteraly fall out of the rind into the container.

You may have to help some that didn't get cut all the way. If you are thrifty-like, you may want to clean up the inside of what's left of the rind.
You are now ready to give the rind to your favorite compost pile and  either sit down with your bowl of fruit, or cover it and enjoy it later. Either way, it is good...

Thanks "B"


  1. I was trying to remember how B cuts a watermelon the other day. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. This is exactly how I cut mine and yummy, I love watermelon :)


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