Friday, December 31, 2010

Interesting other blogs

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I can tell that I have done this wrong...

I have been checking out other blogs and ran across this one from The Lettered Cottage. I have probably done something wrong as to the link for you to find it, but they are posting about favorite re-dos and make-overs. They are truly amazing. They have featured one of my favorite blogging people, The Virginia House. I follow her faithfully.

There is so much information available now with the Internet and so easy to share ideas.  I need help if anyone can help me to use this blogging thing. I don't know how to add some of the things that I "think" I want.... Anyway,

Today I am preparing split pea soup with ham hock, a LARGE green salad and pecan pie for our gathering tonight. So far, the ham hocks are on and the pie is still a thought. We are going "up the hill" for the "doings" and we hope to have a few guest visitors to add to the spice of the evening.

Hope you all are having a good day (I don't feel any different from any other day - should I?) it is the last day of 2010

wonder what will happen if I do this?

It is supposed to be a "link" to the Lettered Cottage == see what I mean when I say I need help???

<div align="center"><a href="" title="The Lettered Cottage"><img src="" alt="The Lettered Cottage" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

hmm, now what? Does it take you there?  I am lost... it says (on her blog) to copy and paste it into your blog, well, you can see what happens when you give it to a child...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Singing in adversity

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I was vacuuming this morning and when I got near "Pretty Bird", he burst into song. Even when I get really near with the hose (lots of feathers, he must be moulting or something)

Now, if it was me, I think that I would instead hide in a corner, but he likes the vacuum and he always sings along when he hears it. It makes me consider my thought patterns and wonder if I sing when trials come my way. Do I want to praise the Lord and get "out of myself"?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday chores

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The past weekend was well spent. We attended a "camp" retreat in mid- California. Travel to and from was uneventful, and we saw many loved ones and had wonderful fellowship. There was a "tea party" for one of the lady's birthday, a craft session for some of the small ones, an open coffee bar, outstanding meals and much spiritual meat to chew on from the Bible studies.

I enjoyed working side - by - side with many of my "sisters" in preparing food and just sharing thoughts and crochet and quilt patterns. We all have so much to give each other.

Today I have been trying to get all that I brought along to the camp back into its proper place (why, oh why, did I bring so many things that were not needed?) Laundry has been a priority, along with getting my little trailer emptied and back into its place.  Mr has been painting and using the good weather preparing for the coming weekend. We look forward to some type of activity for bringing in the new year on Friday, although I don't know what it will be. I know that it is important for our young people to have something to look forward to.

I hope your weekend was as profitable as mine.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Various and Sundry Projects

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Well, we are gearing up for the next Alameda show on the first Sunday of January. Mr has been working steadily on many projects, getting them worthy of the market. He has refinished, repaired, repainted, refurbished, reused materials and created some great pieces. We have gotten some great finds at local sales, for which we are thankful. Our cargo trailer is beginning to be loaded. We try to fill all the spaces. The sooner we get it loaded, we can then sit back and relax :) We are dodging weather - rain - to work outdoors.

here is a wedding party set from the 1950's

11 pieces in total

A few of the bridesmaids

This is a table of a set that Mr created, it has a tin top

Larger farm table that matches

Another table that came from a very large desk

and still another one

a project that has not been finished yet, but will be very cute

We just returned from a memorial service for a dear Christian friend. He was home with his Lord and, of course, didn't even know if we were there or not, but his family and close friends did. It was bitter-sweet to see some that we have not seen for many years. We look forward to seeing our near and dear friends this coming weekend at a "camp" meeting over the holiday time.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty Bird

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We have a pet. Now, historically we have not done well with pets or animals. They seem to get sick, run away or otherwise leave. My kids remember "Beau", a beautiful long-haired lab, who one day joined a pack of dogs running through and we never saw him again. And then there was "Old Dan", another dog that ate some poison or something and turned on Mr. Again, the Barbados sheep herd that we had going and was wiped out one night by another pack of dogs. Our cats, "Ringtail" and others, lasted a little while longer. Don't forget "Hank" (steer), whose purpose was to be meals on the table, but happened to be butchered on the day we had a birthday party for #5. (picture little girls standing in awe as he was shot and then disemboweled before their eyes!) And then there were pigs, rabbits, etc. Enough said about that...

Anyway, we now have "Pretty Bird". He was a craigslist find. We originally wanted his cage, but he came with it. We have now had him for about a year. He is a cockatiel. He even has some papers that say he is a male.  The only thing is... we never asked what his name was!  Can you imagine?  He talks, or at least what I recognize is -- Pretty Bird. So that is what we call him.
He sings songs, one that kinda sounds like "tra ra ra boom de ay" , or maybe it is "Happy Birthday". especially if he sees something waving, like a bright color. He really likes a nice bright blue! We put him in a back room if we have a Bible study here, he tries to compete with the singing...

As I said, we are not big on pets, so he has only been out of his cage once, and that was not by design. Mr and grandson chased him around the house with a fishing net, while two grand daughters ducked to the floor and screamed!  Needless to say, he was subdued for a  few hours after that adventure.

When we are gone for a day, he sits in his cage and waits for our return. He has been known to scream at me if I don't respond to his songs. When he gets really loud and obnoxious, we put his cover on and say "good night" (even in the daytime)  On good weather days, we take his cage outdoors and he seems to like it. He can watch othe other birds. He especially likes children, so come on over and say hi...

I must also say that we are indebted to #6 for taking care of Pretty Bird when we have to leave for a few days.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Belated wishes

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My son-in-law had a birthday and I didn't even wish him a good day...

So, in honor of your day "J" I have a piece of pumpkin pie for you...

Only, you are sorta far away

I guess I will have to eat it myself - the sacrifices we make...

Hope you had a good one.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Introduction to the Wildberry life

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Hello, Hey, Hi

This is my first ever attempt at blogging. I already know that I am going to make lots of mistakes, but at my age, learning is still important to me.

We, my husband(Mr) and I, are what you call "empty nesters"... only in the fact that we no longer have children living at home. Our home is full... of projects, objects of interest ready to make into a project, saleable items for our next sale, furniture that has been restored, painted, or perhaps part of a furniture piece that needs to be finished. We have fun. After retiring, about 2 years ago, we have put our efforts into supplementing our SS check with shows (sales) Interesting people to meet, interesting items to see, money to make (I thought the economy was down) and the great outdoors.

We take our cargo trailer filled to the brim with things that we have found (bought) at estate or yard sales that we have put our own twist on. Perhaps a new coat of paint, some cleaning, combining two pieces into a new one piece, whatever sells. I scour sales we go to for costume jewelry that I can resell for more (of course). After a career in furniture repair, Mr can handle just about anything he wants to. His knowledge is invaluable.

A typical sale day included preparation days ahead. Our cargo trailer is loaded ahead of time. The day before, I make our "lunch" of instant oatmeal, sandwiches, salads, fruit, cheese, drinks, hot water, coffee, some kind of sweet, etc. We set our alarm for 1am. Yes, that is not a mistake - 1 am! We get up, shower, grab the made ahead lunch and head out the door for a drive - the longest is 2 hours, the shortest is 30 minutes. We arrive, unload our pile and then Mr drives away the truck and trailer to park it while I look at all the stuff items we have for sale and wonder where to begin. It all comes together and we wait for our customers to come. Some days it is so busy we hardly get a chance to sit down. Other days we have much "down" time. All in all, it is rewarding. Many people to meet. All have a story. Some will tell you theirs, others you can read it in their dress, mannerisms, or hurt you see in their eyes. Lots of times I have prayed for them without they knowing it. Our Lord knows them all.

some of the tables that Mr made/altered

Composting toilet, just add sawdust for an earthy experience
(it sold!)

small stuff, sorry to say, not much selling at this point

Jewelry table, sometimes 20% of our sales is of jewelry, watches, etc.

Candlestick Park in the background