Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty Bird

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We have a pet. Now, historically we have not done well with pets or animals. They seem to get sick, run away or otherwise leave. My kids remember "Beau", a beautiful long-haired lab, who one day joined a pack of dogs running through and we never saw him again. And then there was "Old Dan", another dog that ate some poison or something and turned on Mr. Again, the Barbados sheep herd that we had going and was wiped out one night by another pack of dogs. Our cats, "Ringtail" and others, lasted a little while longer. Don't forget "Hank" (steer), whose purpose was to be meals on the table, but happened to be butchered on the day we had a birthday party for #5. (picture little girls standing in awe as he was shot and then disemboweled before their eyes!) And then there were pigs, rabbits, etc. Enough said about that...

Anyway, we now have "Pretty Bird". He was a craigslist find. We originally wanted his cage, but he came with it. We have now had him for about a year. He is a cockatiel. He even has some papers that say he is a male.  The only thing is... we never asked what his name was!  Can you imagine?  He talks, or at least what I recognize is -- Pretty Bird. So that is what we call him.
He sings songs, one that kinda sounds like "tra ra ra boom de ay" , or maybe it is "Happy Birthday". especially if he sees something waving, like a bright color. He really likes a nice bright blue! We put him in a back room if we have a Bible study here, he tries to compete with the singing...

As I said, we are not big on pets, so he has only been out of his cage once, and that was not by design. Mr and grandson chased him around the house with a fishing net, while two grand daughters ducked to the floor and screamed!  Needless to say, he was subdued for a  few hours after that adventure.

When we are gone for a day, he sits in his cage and waits for our return. He has been known to scream at me if I don't respond to his songs. When he gets really loud and obnoxious, we put his cover on and say "good night" (even in the daytime)  On good weather days, we take his cage outdoors and he seems to like it. He can watch othe other birds. He especially likes children, so come on over and say hi...

I must also say that we are indebted to #6 for taking care of Pretty Bird when we have to leave for a few days.

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