Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Various and Sundry Projects

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Well, we are gearing up for the next Alameda show on the first Sunday of January. Mr has been working steadily on many projects, getting them worthy of the market. He has refinished, repaired, repainted, refurbished, reused materials and created some great pieces. We have gotten some great finds at local sales, for which we are thankful. Our cargo trailer is beginning to be loaded. We try to fill all the spaces. The sooner we get it loaded, we can then sit back and relax :) We are dodging weather - rain - to work outdoors.

here is a wedding party set from the 1950's

11 pieces in total

A few of the bridesmaids

This is a table of a set that Mr created, it has a tin top

Larger farm table that matches

Another table that came from a very large desk

and still another one

a project that has not been finished yet, but will be very cute

We just returned from a memorial service for a dear Christian friend. He was home with his Lord and, of course, didn't even know if we were there or not, but his family and close friends did. It was bitter-sweet to see some that we have not seen for many years. We look forward to seeing our near and dear friends this coming weekend at a "camp" meeting over the holiday time.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I know I am going to enjoy reading this blog so keep the posts coming! One of these years D and I are going to make it out there again!


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