Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Introduction to the Wildberry life

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Hello, Hey, Hi

This is my first ever attempt at blogging. I already know that I am going to make lots of mistakes, but at my age, learning is still important to me.

We, my husband(Mr) and I, are what you call "empty nesters"... only in the fact that we no longer have children living at home. Our home is full... of projects, objects of interest ready to make into a project, saleable items for our next sale, furniture that has been restored, painted, or perhaps part of a furniture piece that needs to be finished. We have fun. After retiring, about 2 years ago, we have put our efforts into supplementing our SS check with shows (sales) Interesting people to meet, interesting items to see, money to make (I thought the economy was down) and the great outdoors.

We take our cargo trailer filled to the brim with things that we have found (bought) at estate or yard sales that we have put our own twist on. Perhaps a new coat of paint, some cleaning, combining two pieces into a new one piece, whatever sells. I scour sales we go to for costume jewelry that I can resell for more (of course). After a career in furniture repair, Mr can handle just about anything he wants to. His knowledge is invaluable.

A typical sale day included preparation days ahead. Our cargo trailer is loaded ahead of time. The day before, I make our "lunch" of instant oatmeal, sandwiches, salads, fruit, cheese, drinks, hot water, coffee, some kind of sweet, etc. We set our alarm for 1am. Yes, that is not a mistake - 1 am! We get up, shower, grab the made ahead lunch and head out the door for a drive - the longest is 2 hours, the shortest is 30 minutes. We arrive, unload our pile and then Mr drives away the truck and trailer to park it while I look at all the stuff items we have for sale and wonder where to begin. It all comes together and we wait for our customers to come. Some days it is so busy we hardly get a chance to sit down. Other days we have much "down" time. All in all, it is rewarding. Many people to meet. All have a story. Some will tell you theirs, others you can read it in their dress, mannerisms, or hurt you see in their eyes. Lots of times I have prayed for them without they knowing it. Our Lord knows them all.

some of the tables that Mr made/altered

Composting toilet, just add sawdust for an earthy experience
(it sold!)

small stuff, sorry to say, not much selling at this point

Jewelry table, sometimes 20% of our sales is of jewelry, watches, etc.

Candlestick Park in the background


  1. Great start into the blogging world. By the way, I love the picture at the top of your blog, we always had so much fun playing below those trees! :)

  2. Funny thing about that picture, I thought it looked just like our trees, when it is actually a picture from the web...


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