Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blogging Luncheon

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Friday, I attended a blog luncheon in the High Hand Nursery buildings. There is a large open area where about 12 - 15 ladies (and one man who remained in the background...;) anyway, we were seated in a large "U" shape with tables and access to power for our laptops. There was a last-minute cancellation and Terry (my daughter) thoughtfully invited me. (I know friends in "high places")

A lovely box lunch was served about midday and there were giveaways, ideas, instructions and general good times. It was hosted by Terry from I know, eventually Terry will post pictures from this gathering. See them here.

Connie Spade (a licensed massage therapist and instructor) gave out complimentary 5 minute massages for either our neck or hands. What a treat! Nicole from The Little Blog  took tons of pictures also. Terry suggested that I bring my camera ("as all good bloggers should do"), but when I saw the wonderful machines that some had, I was too shy to even turn it on.

I met so many lovely ladies. There was:

Courtney from was the instructor for this day of blogging tips. She came prepared with a slide show (almost just like what we had in grade school - remember those?) She had some very important tips to share and we all had questions. The main question of the day seemed to be "Why are you blogging? For profit or fulfillment". That was my take on it anyway. Along with tons of information that I need to digest, if I could only read my notes...

I met some other very important people like:

Laurel from
Laurel has some incredible photography pictures that just make you drool with envy.

Melody from
Is a new blogger and may change her name, as when we tried to find her blog, we came up with some other sites that she wasn't too pleased to see. She has so many ideas that she has already tried and taken pictures of, and is ready to share with us. Kim from "Not Too Shabby" wants to come up with a name for Melody, I know it will be a 'doozie' and fit her exactly.

Linda from
Linda had some advice on obtaining your own domain... I have to check it out.

Joy from
A wise woman who has taken her years of decorating and is now sharing with us how to transform our homes. Also so much fun to visit with.

Paula from
Paula's blog is about her farm, and the wonderful produce, like vegetables, fruits and chickens and eggs that the farm produces - with her help, of course!

Kim from
has a blog that showcases her vintage art styles. She uses western, laces and vintage finds to highlight her art.

Kim from
Kim is part owner of the store "Not Too Shabby" in Folsom, CA with Bobbi. They are right on "Antique Street" - not really - but right there with all the good stores in Folsom. Visit her blog and see what they have going.

Ellie from
Ah, another wonderful vintage treasure chest for decorating, and such.

Jonelle from
Whoa! she caught me right between the eyes with the first few words...

Beth from (I did get an email from Beth with the correct address - Horray!) this should take you directly to her blog this time...

Nicole from
she has an awesome picture sense - her photos of people and places make you want to see more

Lynne and Lauren who, from what I understood, don't have a blog yet... but want to.

and, I'm ashamed to admit, more that I didn't interact with to get their blog addresses.

If you have time, and I say you must make time, visit these blogs and see what they have going. I have visited them all and want to return and explore more.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Revamping a Design, WIP

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Awhile back, here...

I wanted to make a jelly roll, quick fix quilt...

Well, after it was all sewed together with the fabric

I didn't like it.

I tried to like it.

I turned it this way

I turned it that way.

I folded it up and hid it from view.

It just grated against some nerve or something.

I decided to make it up and sell it.

I couldn't even do that.

So, I got it out again and looked it over.

I decided that if I took out some prints I could live with it.
(why do I have that gene that won't let me just throw stuff away?)
I didn't pay full price for the fabric, I probably got it at a yard sale...

This is what I ended up with.
I kinda like it now, I know fickle women...

I still need to find some kind of backing and I think I may put on a border if it suits me.
But, that is what is going on around here.

How is your day going?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Table A Coming

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A couple of weeks ago, I skinned my knee, so I put off walking again until I felt more recovered. You just don't recover like you did when you were a kid. In the meantime, my walking partner injured her knee (it comes in twos or threes sometimes). Well, I started walking again, just 15 - 20 minutes at a time and on some flat places by myself until she is ready to start up again.

Across the street (that term is used lightly as we live pretty rural) there is a school and their play ground is pretty flat, so I decided to use that to start walking on again. 'Round the back, there is a large dumpster and I noticed an item peaking out the top with casters. Now casters are premium items around here. Mr puts them on carts, tables, islands, etc. We usually find them at sales and unusual places, like someone throwing them away...

Well, I told Mr about the casters and he immediately took a run over there and retrieved the wire cart that had the casters... BUT, he also got a large metal table frame, think cafeteria prep, with no top, but a shelf on the bottom. Quick as a wink, he had it taken apart and he will use the frame for a table  with a wooden plank top and the shelf will be the top for another table. He is so creative at using what we find. This all happened so fast, I didn't even think about pictures until he called me out to see what he had done.

This will make an awesome table, and it was free!

Here is another example of what he does.
Do you see the BBQ frame hiding underneath that cute little cart? Perfect for a plant area, or a moveable island for inside our outside the house. How about a prep area for your BBQ area? Pretty neat, huh? I think I have a pretty talented husband...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Watching You

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Not in a weird, creepy way... I just like watching people.

There are so many stories to read from them.

They give themselves away by the clothes they wear
the hairstyles
the jewelry.

Have you ever noticed how our actions call attention to us?
See the woman, so timid she can't meet your eyes?
(did she have someone in her life always putting her down?)

How about the loud, filthy mouth?
(are they crying out for someone to take a real interest in them?)
(perhaps trying to drown out the inner man that says they are no good)

The child who looks at you with fear...
(no child should have that much fear in their life)

The woman that has a ring - or two - or three! on every finger...
(is she wanting something pretty in her life to offset the ugly wounds she carries?)

And then there is the confident, innocent child that makes your heart sing.
For they are loved, you can see it and feel it in their actions.

Take the mom who has time to stop and listen to the story her husband is telling,
or children that treat their siblings with respect.
Those are the people that also catch my interest.
For they teach me lessons that I need to remember
and pass on to my grandchildren.

So, if you see me watching you...
it isn't that you are doing something wildly wrong,
I may be taking a page from you book
to add to my own.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Meeting La Dolfina at Alameda

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Yesterday we were selling at Alameda

And, our neighbor was Terri of La Dolfina in space T7

I guess my daughter Terry has been a follower of her blog for quite a while. The two (Terry/Terri) have never met, so at the end of the day, she gave me a hug to deliver to Terry for her. She has quite an eye for collectibles that are sea-worthy, ocean themed and just really unique.

Anyway, here are a few shots of our space

We had a few flags. We put them up to dress up the space and to also,
hopefully, make our space memorable to visitors.

I had one that did not fit well on its pole, so I draped it over a table and had red, white and blue things for a display. A customer came and wanted to buy that particular flag, wouldn't you know it?

Our "Lovely Bones" lady was there and generated some interest, but not enough to send her home with someone, so she will travel to another show this weekend.
You can read about her transformation on this post.

The green nightstands, 
This white chest,
and a table similar to this one

was snatched up be a dealer before 7 am
My neighbor from across the way had gathered these sweet tiny roses and bundled them for selling. She presented me with a bouquet early and they nestled below this footstool in the most charming way.
Another few shots. As you can tell, I am not very talented at arranging my wares. I get by and that is it.
A island/workstation, whatever you want to use it for... that Mr has created from repurposed items. He is getting a name for his zinc tops and also the things he brings to a show. Some have told us, they shop us first, which is very humbling to us.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Store Keeper For a Day

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Well, it was a pretty uneventful day

No one passing out from the heat

No robberies
(now that would have been an event!)

The number of browsers
(around 70)
The women outnumbered the men by about 4/1

Mostly cash sales

One "Hold til tomorrow please"

Lots of admirers for the store - maybe they will return

My good friend came and checked on me
we had a good visit when there were no shoppers

So, that is it...

And, as a bonus, the cash drawer reconciled at the end of the day!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lovely Bones

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We picked this antique sofa up awhile back.

She needed more than updating
she had broken parts that my Mr fixed up.

The original fabric dates from the 60's and I know it wasn't the first fabric on this piece.
It will now be stronger in these areas than it was originally.

We stripped her of her old covering
to prepare her for her new home - it could be yours...
I bet you can't even see where it was repaired.

Here she is, her lovely bones and all... ready for someone to take her home.

She has old wooden casters on her four feet.

Look for her at Alameda Point Faire this Sunday.