Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Table A Coming

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A couple of weeks ago, I skinned my knee, so I put off walking again until I felt more recovered. You just don't recover like you did when you were a kid. In the meantime, my walking partner injured her knee (it comes in twos or threes sometimes). Well, I started walking again, just 15 - 20 minutes at a time and on some flat places by myself until she is ready to start up again.

Across the street (that term is used lightly as we live pretty rural) there is a school and their play ground is pretty flat, so I decided to use that to start walking on again. 'Round the back, there is a large dumpster and I noticed an item peaking out the top with casters. Now casters are premium items around here. Mr puts them on carts, tables, islands, etc. We usually find them at sales and unusual places, like someone throwing them away...

Well, I told Mr about the casters and he immediately took a run over there and retrieved the wire cart that had the casters... BUT, he also got a large metal table frame, think cafeteria prep, with no top, but a shelf on the bottom. Quick as a wink, he had it taken apart and he will use the frame for a table  with a wooden plank top and the shelf will be the top for another table. He is so creative at using what we find. This all happened so fast, I didn't even think about pictures until he called me out to see what he had done.

This will make an awesome table, and it was free!

Here is another example of what he does.
Do you see the BBQ frame hiding underneath that cute little cart? Perfect for a plant area, or a moveable island for inside our outside the house. How about a prep area for your BBQ area? Pretty neat, huh? I think I have a pretty talented husband...


  1. That looks fun! Glad to know I'm acquainted with so many "dumpster divers". ;)

  2. Dumpster diving is the best!!! Can't wait to see what Mr comes up with!

  3. Great treasures- love the cart!! Glad you came to the bloggers luncheon today~ following you along! :)


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