Monday, May 14, 2012

40 Years

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40 Years

More years than some have been alive

it's longer than most mortgages

Moses was 40 years in the wilderness herding sheep before the Lord called him to deliver the children of Israel

40 Years

Some call it the "Ruby Anniversary"

40 Years

When you have been married to someone for 40 years, you tend to finish each others sentences,

know what is for dinner without even asking,

are familiar with life's routines,

you know the other's intense like and dislikes,

you wonder where they were that day when you recall a childhood memory.

40 Years

Yes, its been that long that we have been married

It seems like just last year or the year before, time flies so fast

And yet, I remember the children being born,

The first high school graduation

The first wedding
(is is possible that they have been married 20 years this month?)
(are they even old enough to be married?)

The first grandchild
and more to follow

The first death of a loved one before we thought it was time

40 Years

a lot of water under the bridge, as they say,

So many memories, so many more to make
it has been a wonderful 40 years.

Happy Anniversary to my Mr


  1. Happy Anniversary! You have been a wonderful example of a godly marriage for us to follow. I love you, Dad & Mom!


  2. Happy anniversary! Congratulations on reaching such a big milestone! :) 40 years seems like such a long time to me. My Mr. and I are celebrating 8 years in a couple weeks.

  3. Happy anniversary!! wow, 40 years!! That is amazing, but I know whit God on our side nothing is impossible! :) I hope you all do something special!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I miss you all!

  5. Happy Anniversary Mom& Dad! Yes it does seem like time flies. :) Love, Terry

  6. Happy Anniversary! Seems like 40 should be more like platinum- wow!
    Enjoy the next 40!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  7. So nice to know you came by! Congratulations on forty years!

  8. Such a sweet post in tribute of your 40 years!


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