Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where I've Been

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This past weekend we went down state to Atascadero. There is a lovely ranch that rents out their facility and we were the recipients, with about 150 others. Our travel trailer followed us faithfully and was there to let us rest our weary heads at night and also to provide our own restroom and shower. 
We affectionately call this place 
The Barn

It is owned by the Taft's and weddings, receptions and our own
group uses its grounds for gatherings and retreats.

You approach it down a long road that leads you into the foothills
The California mid state is a mixture of dry grasses and rolling foothills.
You approach a bridge that crosses a dry Salinas river
with horse ranches on either side of your way.

From the top of the bridge the huge old barn awaits.
The inside walls are adorned with antlers, bear hides, taxidermied mounts,
old calendars, neon beer lights and just about anything related to
living in the wild west.

Straw covers the majority of the inside floor and someone is usually
using a hose to spray it down to keep down the dust.

Out back, there is a BBQ pit, and large three sink area for washing up
your dishes.
The owner has many acres that are sowed in hay, with a lake thrown in for good measure.

We took the walk to the lake - about 2 miles one way (it was probably less, but seemed like more)
Old and young fishermen were trying their luck with poles, lures and small boats.
Little ones sat in the sand on the banks and played.
Some moms visited on the picnic tables nearby
while dads gave tips to their sons on the best way to hook the fish on the line.

I am told there is a 'cabin' in that lake area also - about 1500 square feet of cabin, that is.
(that is larger than our home)
Sometimes young ladies make it into a dorm for the duration of the retreat.

We had community meals that were planned by teams of families.
Sometimes a younger couple would head up the planning and buying of what was needed.
When the time came, many willing hands were there to help out with the preparation, cooking and serving.
It was such a blessing to see the working together of many minds.

Bible studies, testimonies in song, games, ice cream cones, specialty coffees,
and good old fashioned visiting were to been seen at all hours.

Much better photos can been seen if you desire to look up Taft Barn, Atascadero.
There seems to be no lack of wedding photos from those who have used it.
I do not know these folks, just wanted you to get a glimpse of where we were.

Here is a shot of the inside of our trusty trailer - a little 18 footer which suits us to a "T"

So, that was my last weekend, how was yours?

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