Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just a Few Things - OK, a Lot...

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This month will be very busy. We have already gone over to the bay area and did the show at the
Alameda Point Antique Faire. It is always held on the first Sunday of the month. We anxiously watched the weather to see if we could use our canopies. When the wind blows over about 15 mph, it is just too windy and it can take a canopy and send it along into someone or their items. Blessedly, the day was outstanding in weather and the wind was only breezy enough to keep us happy, and our canopies were well used.

I took a few pictures with my phone to show you some of our items that we had for sale. Warning~ picture heavy.

I just loved this cabinet. It could be in a kitchen, bath, closet, etc. Extra storage is always popular with me.

My Mr take mundane items and restores them and sometimes turns them into functional pieces for the home. Here are several "islands" as we call them. They are around 36" high, just the right height to work from if you are standing, or if you want to pull up a bar stool, then it will hit just right.
Old wood on the top and shelf came from a library that was torn down and is now reused here.

I "called it" and said this would be the first one to sell... and it was. It had large wheels on one end and smaller, swivel ones on the other. Our buyers were thrilled with its wood top and shelf below.

This one also has casters for easy mobility and a metal top. One customer makes jewelry with heat and wanted a top that would not burn  if she set down her tools on it, but the size was just not appropriate for her. Someone else, tho, found this just what they wanted.

This one also went home with a happy customer. It also has a metal top.

See my cash register on the top here? I also have fliers for other shows, business cards, sold tags, my license and other stuff in the tray. There is a drawer on the other side that opens with slots for my cash. I always take out the extra and put it somewhere else, so that there is only just enough to make change. I can't keep an eye on this constantly. The Lord has watched out for us so that we have not had any thefts, but I don't want to 'tempt' someone with carelessness.

The lovely old boiler on the shelf had wooden handles on the side and the lady that bought it wanted to plant in it for her backyard.

I made this banner for the cash register area, but it kept falling off if I taped it somewhere. I tried the metal braces for the canopies, it didn't look right on the island where the register was either, so it went back into the box and I will have to figure out something else.
Any ideas?

We had no less than three tables... This one, with a metal top

This one had slide out leaves on each end. It is now in our space at the store.

This one is very nice also, it has wheels on the legs, sorry you can't see them...

The metal chest, coffee table, whatever it is called was a delightful find for someone.

We had our outdoor/indoor settee. I covered it in a denim, but I an now wondering if the color is off-putting...? We had only one person 'try it out'. She said she had one just like it at home... so she didn't buy it.

Nice dresser, very vintage in style and workmanship.

This one is for Gigi... 
This little planter is sitting next to a vintage restaurant coffee cup, for size comparison. A young lady had it and I asked to take a picture for my friend. The young lady paid $15 for this, planted with some succulents...
I know my friend will do just as good or better with her plants when she decides to sell them.

OK, a few more pictures and you are done.

This narrow cupboard got the most attention. I thought it was rather for a child, but, people were coming up with the most inventive places to use it.

Here is my 'chicken area' with lots of butter dishes.

And, this junky area is hard to see... It is mostly 'guy' things. I try to have something for the guys, but the ladies always look too.

Thanks for coming along with us to our Alameda show.
Perhaps I will post pictures of our next show in downtown Sacramento.

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  1. wow you all have some great stuff! I really love that yellow bucket, it would be nice pop of color on the front porch. I have an antique metal step ladder that is going to get a paint job as soon as the rainy weather stops, it will be great as a pop of color on the porch!


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