Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cutco Love

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I don't know how many of you have nice knives. To cook with a sharp knife is like having the perfect spice to complete a dish, to sail through a difficult task, or almost as nice as a great find at an estate sale!

Long time ago, (I seem to start many stories now days with these words, hmm) Well, anyway, when I was a child, more than 50 years ago, yes, more than that, we had a set of knives that were almost worshiped... We children were NOT allowed to touch them, they stayed in a case in a drawer and only adults were to use them. That much was impressed on my mind. Now, I understand why.

CUTCO is a company that started around 1949 in New York. The knives that they sell cannot be purchased in a store, but only through distributors that probably did in-home demos and my parents bought into the sales pitch.

I found some knives at a yard sale. 3 cases, 3 forks, 7 knives. They were all CUTCO. I was talking to a gentleman that came to one of our shows and he asked if I had any more knives than what I ususally sell ( a few pocket knives, one or two collectible knives) I said I had some CUTCO at home but didn't know what to do with them because they were pretty rough (the handles were kinda dried out and the knives had chips, some were bent..., etc).  He told me about the Forever Guarantee. Send those knives in to the company and they would either replace or sharpen them with no charge... WOW! I didn't even need a sales receipt - just ownership constituted me getting the warranty!

Here is what I had, my find, plus another knife I had found at another time. 11 pieces in all.

I decided to send in the knives without the cases. The cases were cumbersome and I didn't even know if I wanted to keep them. About two weeks later, my package arrived from the company.
Here are the knives, refurbished, resharpened and ready to go - there is also a ladel that I remembered that I have. I love these knives, in fact, now I realize why my parents were so adament about only adults handling them...

Yep! only a few minutes and I found out. I didn't even know I was cut until I saw bleeding.
(I got to use a bandaid because it was bleeding - No blood - no bandaid rule at our house)
Here are the turning forks, a pleasure to use.

I decided to use two of the cases and hang them in my kitchen. After last night's slip with one of the knives, I don't want them anywhere near the grandchildren...
As you can see, I am missing the small paring knife. And, for those of you that can count, they are not all in this case, there were a few duplicates and one was in the dishwasher...

This catalog came with the returned knives...
I now know that for the investment at the yard sale of about $5
I have a returned investment of around $900!
(so kids, when you go through the estate - don't throw these out -
at least try to sell them...)

Long story short -- if you run across these at sales, buy them up. Even if you are in love with the
knives you have at home, you can sell them on ebay for a profit.

You can go to the CUTCO website and find out more and to find a distributor if you want.

And, sadly, I was not paid to do this blog on CUTCO (although if someone wants to pay me, I will take it into consideration....)


  1. Wow! What a deal! My husband bought me a set of Cutco for Christmas several years ago from a friend who sells them. (That was back when things were going a lot better for us :).) I nearly died when you said you got them at a YARD SALE! Like you, I received numerous cuts until I learned how to treat them with respect. Great Find! Thanks for sharing. ~Rachel

  2. What a great company! the refurbished knives look like new!

  3. Aren't they wonderful!! D bought me a set about 30 years ago and I still use them every day. I need to send them in to be sharpened but how do I do without them??

  4. I'll keep an eye out for these for sure! I would LOVE to have a nice set to cook with---although having them around my babies would make me a nervous wreck!!! Great tools--a pleasure for any job!!!

  5. Tyson had found Cutco knives at a yard sale as well. A few of his were missing handles and/or damaged. He sent them in like you did and got at least one of them replaced, and the rest sharpened, refinished, etc. Vincent, his brother, is a Cutco dealer, and he asked to have the knives after Tyson's passing. Sad story, I guess, but the point being that Cutco does have a great warranty.
    P.S. It was funny to see another Rachel who even used the squiggly line in front of her "signature" like I do!

  6. What a wonderful post about Cutco's service and quality! I've worked for the company for 20 years, and I can tell you it's a great place to work. Did you know that Cutco is the only high-quality cutlery still made in America? We're very proud of that. We don't pay bloggers, it just doesn't feel right - we prefer sincere expressions of "Cutco Love" like yours! But I would love to hear from you and can't find a way to contact you directly on your site. Would you please email me at with your contact information? Thanks again for the support!

  7. I sell cutco if anyone is interested in trying anything out! I'll make sure to give you the best deal because im really close to a goal I want to hit! Just send me an email

  8. Isaac Browning, BMAugust 28, 2011 at 9:56 PM

    Great post! Ive worked for the company for a few years now and I can say with out a doubt that they do everything they promise. If any one here has any questions and or wants to look at the knives take a look at or Email me at

  9. @Louisa Book Cottage -

    As a current Cutco representative, I want to let you know that we have upgraded the guarantee so you can now have a representative come out to your house to sharpen the knives for you - that way you don't have to go for 2 weeks without them :) For the number of the Cutco office nearest you, call 1-800-828-0448, and they'll get a representative out to you right away :) If you've got any questions, email me at

    - Brendan

  10. @Louisa

    I forgot to mention, it's a free service as well :)


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