Monday, August 1, 2011

An outing to the Coast

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Recently, we went on an outing to the coast.

To the sleepy little village of

Moss Landing

On a good day, the population is around 200.
When they have their annual Antique Street Fair,
it swells to over 8,000!
In its 42nd year, it is looked forward to by shoppers and vendors alike.
Just outside the "city limits" (about 100 feet down from the previous building)
is where the 200+ vendors set up their wares, along both sides of "Main Street".

Here is that same general area
We set up there also.

you can see a tiny portion of me (when do you ever say that)
more of our products

I tried my hand at this table display
Silverplate place settings on ironstone plates with pewter teapots
on one of Mr's farm tables.
It was a lovely overcast day. Beautiful weather.
about 65 degrees

There was food (artichoke cupcakes???)
And more food
This (all those empty chairs)
Turned into this:
Hardly a spare chair to find to eat your lunch
Along the way, a street musician - set up.

There were the true antiques

 along with
bangles and bracelets and designer styled jewelry

At the end of the day, we recieved this
Boy, was I surprised!

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  1. That looks sooooo fun! Especially with that weather. We are frying here. Over 100* every day. Congrats on the display award.

  2. Wow, looks like so much fun! And wow you got an award! Your table display was great! Looks like you had lots of fun!


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