Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life lessons in a Tree

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On most (well, probably 3-4  in a week to be perfectly honest)

ahem, as I was saying

On most mornings, I try to take a walk. It is uphill the one way and

my favorite -- downhill coming back.

This beautiful hibiscus flower is along the way,
along with
These grapes growing on the school yard fence
(why do grapes on the school fence always taste sour?)

This walnut tree has always fascinated me.

Looking up into the branches

I see a lot that has happened here.

Notice the curves and circles of the limbs.
They start out growing and then they are turned into a circle a couple of times.

At the top it tells me earlier in its life it had a major trial.
It was so great that it did a complete circle before it started growing in the way
the Lord intended.
Wow, that tells me something.
I have started out with so, so good intentions, then I have gotten all
switched around, to finally find out that I have been headed in the wrong direction.
But, as I see here, this branch got headed into the right direction again.
Aren't we thankful for the Lord's forgiveness?

Now, at the bottom, there is another arrow.
Again, it got off track. Maybe later in its life.
But, after a lot of twisting and turning,
it is headed again in the right direction.

"The Lord's mercies are new every morning"

Another thing, notice how green it is, and it is still bearing fruit it its old age.
I want that to be said of me, she got off track a few times,
but look at the fruit of her life.

(side note: sorry for the poor quality of the photos - phone was easy to carry)

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  1. Thank you Helen. This is so true of life. I too want it to be said of me, she got off track a few times, but look at the fruit. Thanks for the encouragement.


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