Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Homemade Potato Salad

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I have a dear friend who recently broke her ankle. I have tried, along with several others, to provide a meal here and there. Tonight I am making Mini Cheddar Meat Loaves, Potato Salad and a Cucumber/Tomato Salad. Trying to keep it so as to not heat up their home.

I have been making this potato salad for as long as I have been married, and that is a long time. I have a way of cooking it that I have never seen others do, and perhaps it is harming us in an unintentional way, so if you know so, please let me know. You will know as we go along here...

Here is the cast:
Salt and Pepper, mustard, dill pickles, mayo, sweet pickle/relish, potatoes, eggs and onions.
I forgot til later that I also add
Celery, chopped up and
Black olives, either chopped or sliced.

First, take your potatoes.
I have around 10 here and I think I added another one.
Cooking for two is such a challenge.
I cooked for 8 for many years and I still think in those terms.

I peel the potatoes, then cut them up into chunks.
Cutting first one way, and then the other.
I fished around and found one that was not yet cut.
Add water to cover
Now, here is the part that I different from other cooks.
I cook my eggs right in with the potatoes. First, I rinse them and put them right in.
Make sure that the water covers them.
Simmer the potatoes and eggs together for around 20 minutes.
The potatoes will be done when they turn a translucent color compared to a flat white.

In the meantime, take a bowl and start putting in the other ingredients.

Clockwise from the top, sweet relish, black olives, around a Tbsp of mustard, chopped
celery, dill pickle and in the center, chopped red onion.
The potatoes are simmering along with the eggs.

When the potatoes are done, scoop out the eggs into a bowl
It's OK if they kinda crack.
Take them over to the sink and run cold water over them while you get hot pads for the potatoes.
Pour those potatoes into the colander and rinse them with cold water until they are cooler.
Now, put them into the bowl with the other ingredients.
Peel those eggs and add them. I use an egg slicer, I put them through one way
turn them around and put them through again. Now, you may want to save an egg
for garnishing the top, it is up to you.

I never, never remember to make the starting bowl big enough, here I have changed to a larger bowl
so that I can mix it.
I have added enough mayonnaise to moisten everything and gently stirred it together.

The finished product back into the original bowl, minus a bit put by for Mr. and a sprinkle of
paprika.   By the way,
if you use an airtight bowl, your refrigerator won't smell light boiled eggs later.

Here are the other dishes I prepared for the couple

Mini Cheddar Meat Loaves (recipe from online)
And, Cucumber/Tomato Salad with Red onions

I hope to do some more homemade recipes in the future.


  1. Helen this makes me sosooooo hungry! I just used red potatos to make potato salad and you cook them in the skins and slice them after. It was pretty good...
    And how snazzy is your new blog look?!?!?!?!? I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. I like to bake the potatoes, then chop. The baking gives them the roasted flavor..........Sonja

  3. I love potato salad!! I do cook the potatoes and eggs together too! Oh and the mini meat loaf recipe, it is awesome, I have also made it with ground turkey and it is just as good and a little healthier!!

  4. wow! If I just sprain my ankle, will you bring me some? Looks great. Never ever woulda thought to cook the eggs at the same time. I usually steal the goodies from the bottem of a sweet pickle jar, to mix with the mayo (but I use Miracle Whip).


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