Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More About Ironing

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Those of you that were so kind as to respond about my ironing...

Well, years ago, I had an ironing job. It was for my aunt. She paid me 15 cents for each item I ironed. I got pretty good at it, turning out what she allowed me to iron - flannel shirts mostly. It took a lot of shirts to make a dollar though. You can tell how long ago this was...

I did get it done (except for two things that aren't my favorite things anyway), but, there will always be more, and, as soon as I do more laundry, there it is. I could do a few at a time, but I need to set up the ironing board in the kitchen and it takes up space. And, it aggravates an old injury... enough whining, have to go vacuum...


  1. I would love to come iron for you! That and washing dishes are my favorites :)

  2. Another idea to help the ironing go quickly, set up your computer (if you have a lap top) or a monitor, and watch videos of messages, or old camp specials, etc. That's what I like to do. Or, I get audio books from the library (which you can down load off your computer from some libraries) and I listen to one. It makes the work go a little faster.

  3. I'm supposed to be ironing right now...I know, I know, it's late but we're leaving for Austin tomorrow and we need some clothes to take with us!


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