Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Have This Love Affair Going

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My love affair isn't with someone other than my husband. He is the love of my life and I can't imagine life without him. This is different.

It is with bowls.

Colored pottery bowls. Although I would not turn down glass bowls either. But these 'speak' to me. Just a minute, I have to get rid of the people at the front door from the insane asylum.

It is very, very hard for me to pass them up in sales, thrift stores, etc. And, much harder for me to sell them in my space or at shows.

I love them big and I love them small. And, I have more that I didn't show...

I love the durability, the stories they can tell of the meals they helped to prepare for large and small families, the craftsmanship in their making.

They make my heart sing. I know, crazy...

I think maybe this is too much obsession with an object...But, there isn't one or all of them I wouldn't part with if it meant less heartache for one of my family. If it could take away the pain for a little while... I would throw them out if it could heal rifts that should not be.

Do you have objects or things that 'speak' to you?

I do, another day I will share my pitchers, and creamers.


  1. No wonder you love them. Lovely!

  2. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!!! I am in LOVE with those! I have a major bowl fetish! I have one that I am saving for my "someday" house. Those are adorable!
    Can't wait to come see you in a couple days!

    1. I have decided to put them out where I can see them, although I know they will need to be sold eventually.

  3. Your bowls are so pretty! I am loving that dark orange one, of course! I love the old pyrex bowls, I have almost a complete set. I have a hard time passing up vintage lace and fabric, really fabric weather it is old or new!

  4. Aunt Helen, that was beautiful. I have a similar love of bowls and collecting them. Momma was over today and shared your blog with me. I have been reading since she left a few hours ago. As I have been reading I have laughed and cried and have felt as if I was sitting at your kitchen table while you are telling these stories and sharing your life. I feel as if in some small way I am getting to know you a little bit. Thank you for sharing extra stories of Gandma and Grandpa, they mean a lot. I love you more than you know xoxo.

    Lovingly Lolly

    1. Lolly, these stories are rolling around in my head and I am happy to share with those who like them. I am glad you enjoy.


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