Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Thrifty Tips #1

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Thursday's Thrifty Tip #1

When I was a homemaker with lots of family at home, I was always looking for ways to stretch my budget to include items that I needed but wanted to spend less money on. With your help, we can focus on cleaning supplies, foods, trips to entertainment, whatever you want to share.

Today I want to talk about Homemade Starch.
Sta Flo Liquid Starch, 64 fl oz

You can purchase clothing starch at the grocery/pharmacy store for pennies of what you will spend for spray starch. It comes in a jug which you dilute for your needs. I believe the brand here is 'Sta Flo'.  By using a spray bottle and adding the right dilution of starch and water, you have starch for all of your ironing needs. A 64 ounce bottle/jug of starch costs around $2.97 here in California. An aerosol can costs $1.98. A jug will make up to 9 aerosol cans, depending on how much you dilute it. Just give it a shake before you want to use it and give your garment a spray.

Now, give us your ideas on ways we can save money.
Your ideas can be centered on, but not necessarily exclusive of:





Whatever your little heart desires. Give it up and bless someone else with your knowledge.


  1. Good morning Helen, Zizi from The Green Mum, I have so much enjoyed reading your blog. And I wanted to sit this morning and write on the topics I have enjoyed!!!! So I have some recipes I wanted to share that I have enjoyed for homemade cleaning supplies!
    I found this recipe off Pinterest from a blog; Being Creative, here is the link:

    ( I personally do not use the Oxyclean) I want to keep it clean and safe and I dont know what is in Oxyclean! And I do use the Fels-Naptha and I love the smell and this is one of the oldest soaps around!!!! ( our great-grandparents probably used it!)

    Another recipe I enjoy I also found off Pinterest is liquid hand soap: This came off a Blog; The Farmer's Nest here the link for the recipe and I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

    Hope you can try these!!!! I miss you and hope all is well! Many BLESSINGS!!!!! Zizi

    1. Thank you Zizi. I can't wait to try these out. And, thank you for giving your 2 cents here. I want to share the knowledge that I have gained through the years and I hope others will join in as you have.


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