Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Finished Rug

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A finished (finally...) a gift for a friend. I had some fabric that just wasn't going to work for any projects that I could see in the future, but it would be perfect for a rug.

If you are wondering what about a rug... then see here

I usually work on these kind of project when I am at someone else's home. On a Wednesday evening, after our Bible study, or sitting around on Friday evenings when we sing together. We know quite a few choruses and hymns from memory and we make the rafters rise sometimes.

Well, my friend (R) saw this and admired it greatly. Another gave me advice as to what color should go next, etc. I decided that this rug should be a gift for my friend's birthday. Sad to say, I was late again, but I finished it up on Sunday evening and presented it to her. It will wash and wear. I wash mine in the washer and sometimes dry in outdoors and sometimes in the dryer.

If you want to make one, they are easy and keep your hands busy. It is just a series of tying knots. For more information, be sure to view the tutorial.

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