Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bamboozled! Flying By the Seat of My Pants!

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I consider myself an accomplished sewer. Not to boast, but I have sewed tailored jackets, dresses, clothes for myself, clothing for my children as they were growing, wedding dresses when that time came for more than my three girls. Quilts, curtains, gifts, you name it, I have probably tried it. This project bamboozled me!

I took one look at the directions and thought, piece of cake.  Well, I had problem after problem.

 It wasn't the fault of the directions, I want to make that clear, but it was me! I am an "eyeballer". OK, now that I have confessed to that... there are probably a lot other things I should confess to, but we can leave that for another time and place. Hence, "flying by the seat of my pants". There have been many projects that I have just made it up as I go along - one of my daughters has the same problem talent...

I sewed up the sides, but when I got ready to do the corners, I cut the wrong angle... OOOPS! Now I had a mess. Please forgive the poor quality of the photos, the sewing reflected...

I had to take it all apart - something I hate to do, cut it down and then I thought about adding something to the front - the flowers with the left over-cut off flannel.
Well, that was OK, but I had to work with those funny corners I had already cut. They distinctly did not like me. This photo shows the lumps - not my best work.
and again. When I decided to do a decorative stitch on the outside, I ran out of bobbin thread (doesn't it always happen when we don't want it to?) I then couldn't find the same color until I looked everywhere!

Well, I am sure that the baby won't take notice. 

And, I AM going to do this again and again until I conquer this,
or wish I had never started.


  1. It turned out really cute! The thing with flannel recieving blankets, after a few uses they get kind of stretched out anyway, and the neatest corners end up looking a little wonky. So, it'll be all right!

  2. Turned out great, Mom! I love the flowers on top. You weren't talking about me, there, were you??? ;-)

    1. If the shoe fits, then wear it. Your projects always turn out great, tho.

  3. I am so glad it isn't just me. If I had a dollar for every sewing mistake I made, I would be a wealthy woman. Your's, however, turned out great. :)

  4. Oh Helen it is adorable! I can't count the times I have sewn the wrong sides of material together because I was just not paying attention or tired or something! We all make mistakes.

    Good to know you have so much sewing experience - now I know who to turn to in the neighborhood... Take care!

    Warm hugs,


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