Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Finds

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Well, Mr and I went out combing the highways and byways today and here are a few of MY finds.

This poor chicken doorstop had lost her proud look. She needed eyes and the stuffing worked back into position.(Cost $1) I also got found two neat pottery bowls (cracks in them, but they will look great on Mr's Farm Tables)(Cost $5 for both) an old fashioned egg beater with faded green handles and a Jamacian doll that reverses to another figure when you turn her upside down.(Cost $3 for both)

After a much needed neck massage, Mrs Chicken is looking better.

I went through my button collection, looking for just the right ones for eyes. I chose the two on the right. Oh, and yes, Starbucks played a big roll in the hunt this morning.

 I hot glued the buttons onto Mrs Chicken, but she still needed that gleam in her eye...

 So, I put a little white paint on the top of the button, where light should reflect.

Here she is finished, and on the job at once.

 Mr got some great finds, like this little table with a drawer. It is ready to sell, nothing needs to be done here.

This is an old phonograph cabinet, he has big plans for it, probably removing the guts and using it.

Drawers, drawers... we always need drawers for tables and... these have the same drawers runners that our drawers in our house have, we need to use them to replace some broken ones. (its hard to find hardware that is over 30 years old that fits)

Here are two casement type windows, pretty good shape, especially when they are cleaned up. Some people like to use them for a room divider, put a mirror inside of them and hang them, etc. I have seen painting on the glass also. I may try that if I get the OK from Mr.

Now, don't laugh! But this old bathroom vanity will have a new life soon. I think it will be the bottom for a small hutch. Add a small bookcase on top, perhaps some "feet", of course a back, some paint, too, and there you have it...

Well, we need to get busy and transfor this junk  into treasures for someone.
Have a great day.

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  1. I would be interested in seeing a finished picture of your bathroom vanity remade into a hutch. What a clever idea. Who woulda thunk it?pensa

  2. Not sure why it left pensa at the end of my last comment. That was the word verification I was supposed to type in. So if this comment does it too, this is really Lana M.

  3. Thank you Lana. The whole reason for taking a picture of that ugly little thing is to see it in another state. Hopefully I can get the finished picture too.


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