Saturday, April 9, 2011

Looking for Camera Advice

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I know everyone has an opinion. Tell me about what you feel makes a great camera and what you think I need.

I am looking into buying a camera. The one I had - well, I still have it but I can't use it because I lost the SD card...  Anyway, long story.

First... I can safely afford around $200-$300. I know, most really nice cameras cost well over $1000 and that is just for the body... I can spend more if needed, but that is where I am headed right now. Is that too cheap for anything?

Second... I have neck problems and I can't carry a heavy camera around for any length of time. That rules out some that I think I would really like.... but realistically, I have to take that into account.

Third... Because of the neck/weight problem, I would like for it to fit into a large pocket. But is doesn't have to be the size of a credit card...

I do want a digital, zoom, 3 plus mega pixel, uses a card that I can upload onto a computer. It doesn't need a video or sound as far as I think I need...What about special battery types? Are they a pain?

I can use my i-phone camera, but... I want a camera of my own.

I saw one at a garage sale (Olympus Optical 8x Ultra Zoom), but then they decided they didn't want to sell it!

Anyway, give me some ideas if you can.

Thanks, have a great day.


  1. My "good" camera recently started having issues. I picked up a Canon PowerShot 490, so i wouldn't get stranded without a camera. It has 10 megapixels, which is great for just regular picture taking. You'd want higher MP if you plan to make your pictures into posters. This camera cost $70. plus $10. for a card. Takes 2 AA batteries. I've been using it quite a bit, and it works good, except for trying to get pictures of quick moving children. It's not heavy and bulky like my good camera, and if it falls in the lake, it's $80. to replace, not $700. Also, the lower MP load alot faster, like to your computer, on to ebay, blogs, etc.
    Have a good day. Lisa

  2. James owns a Canon PowerShot SD980 IS and it is 12.1 megapixels. He uses it for work and really likes it. It is a point and shoot camera, but has a nice big LCD screen to view your pics on the back. It doesn't have an eye piece, you take the picture off of what you see on the display screen. You can adjust the resolution for higher or lower quality pictures. It cost around $200.


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