Monday, October 10, 2011

A day of rest

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Today is a recuperating day. We had a very busy weekend and it is nice to sit back and listen to the rain on the roof.

We went to Anderson, California on Friday to set up for the Roses and Rust Show that was held on Saturday, Oct. 8th. The weather was beautiful, a balmy 75 degrees for the high. There were over 70 vendors. They had food vendors, craft vendors, vintage wares, fabrics, metal, so many wonderful booths to visit. And, there were droves of people to come and spend a good portion of their day.

Here are a few pictures of our space.
Right side facing, hutches, nightstands, small tables, etc
I think I mentioned that we had been collecting children's furniture items.
Here is a child's size table with two chairs, a little red stool,
another vintage green chair, a bright tourquoise nightstand/table
a yellow "fireplace" chair and under the table
a cradle with a mattress, quilt and two dolls.
another view with a doll moved up to the chair.
I also said how I wanted to do a "cowboy" themed area.
Here is it on an iron plant stand. It drew lots of attention with the
cowboy hat, boots, tin dishes and such. I was quite pleased with it...
And then, the metal plant stand sold, so it all got moved to another place.

I made some bandanas out of cowboy themed prints. Hmm, none sold,
anyone need a bandana?
I even had some western jewelry to fill the small spaces in this wooden box.
I thought the tin dishes were a great addition, but no one bought any of them...
The entrance to over 70 vendors, selling everything from food to vintage items
was through this pathway. Every vendor also had to use this to access
their cargo trailers, pick-ups, vans, etc. So, it was good that we were able to set
up the day before the show.
Here is another view of our area, we had a 12 x 24, but it was so deep that
we were able to move some tables toward the back and it seemed twice that big.
Here is an island/work station that Mr made with some plants and this
and that on it and around it.
Our friends James and Jacque (who do an incredible job with metal) were one space
over from us. Visit their blog at:

Here is one of Mr's farm style tables. It is so beautiful with red legs and a stained
plank top. We had a coffee table chest on top with quilts spilling out of it.

Well, this day led to another day downtown on Sunday.

Mr got this little hutch in the morning and he wanted to bring it home and paint it.
It sold before the end of the day, so all the children's items that were left were the
cradle (without the quilt or dolls) and the yellow "fireside" chair.

To see the whole allbum of our travels for those two days, go to

We thank the Lord that He has provided again for us.

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  1. Wow, so many amazing things you all had! I love the bright yellow! Glad it all went well for you. You must be exhausted!


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