Friday, August 24, 2012

A New Life for a Table, or Two

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Once upon a time there was a school kitchen. 
One that actually cooked food for children.
Not the new fangled idea that you order in and then heat it up.

This table was part of that kitchen.

Only, it didn't look like this then.

(see the sold tag on the corner?)

It had a stainless steel surface that many a youngster learned how to roll dough out for homemade rolls for the upcoming lunch that day (my daughters actually did this there)
sturdy metal legs that withstand students and staff alike.

It was perhaps the surface where the "head cook" would plan next month's menu.

It was the table that the band members threw their instrument cases on while they practiced after school.

This table now has a new life.
In fact, it has two lives!

For this is the shelf underneath into a table, too.

Mr separated the two pieces and made two items from them.
I found them while I was walking around and around the school parking lot for my "sometimes" daily 
walk.  (need to get back into that, haven't done it in a while)
They were in a dumpster, so I called Mr and he came right over...

There was no top for the large table with the drawer, no worry,
Mr made one.

now, they both have new homes.

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  1. It's great to have a handy Mr. Wonderful job.

  2. I remember when you found this! I was jealous then and still am!!!! Still look at your photos and wish we lived closer!


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