Thursday, August 16, 2012

"All Boy"

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A new little one is on the way.

No, its not in our family, but we have known the grandparents for years.

I wanted to send along a little something
and this flannel just said, "take me and make something"
Flannel says,
whisper soft skin, so young
love of a mother
swaddling blankets
(I know, they don't do that any more, and I miss it)

So, being it is going to be a boy...

The two pieces compliment each other
And, after trying to make a "self-binding" blanket the other day,
I decided to take the easy road and just sew along the edge of
two pieces, turn them and then sew along the edge.

My sewing machine sewed a flotilla of little sail boats along the edge
I wasn't sure what would happen when we got to the edge,
but the Coast Guard didn't even have to help us.
During the mindless sewing (the machine takes it away)
I was put in mind to pray for the family that will welcome this new little life.
May the mother guide this child with the love of the Lord in mind.
May the father be worthy of being the role model the child will see to view his heavenly father.

Now, what to do to keep it from shifting as it is washed.
I sewed from side to side in the center (don't tell the mother, she will think it is this way on purpose)

Then, because the flannel is so soft, so baby skin soft,
I had to think of the man he will become

Now, I will send it on its way to its new home.

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  1. So soft and comfy. I know the mom will love it.

  2. Flannel receiving blankets are the best~especially ones made at home.
    Your prayer is so touching. :)


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