Monday, December 31, 2012

Enchiladas, my style

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OK, we were having lunch together on Sunday afternoon.

I needed to make a main dish and my husband suggested enchiladas.
I have several "recipes" that live in my head,

one from his mother,
one from a dear friend who actually made her own tortillas for them,
and then there is the one that uses chicken and green sauce,
not to forget the one that uses different red sauce...

anyway, you get the idea.
Just chose one and go for it.

I decided that canned enchilada sauce was in order for this time.
I have made my own and it is fairly simple
browning flour in oil, adding chili powder (making a rue)
and then water to the consistency you want.
Or the green one with tomitillos, etc.
I was lazy that day and used Las Palmas red sauce.
(I actually pulled this from the trash to take the picture)
plan ahead, that's me...

I browned about 1 1/2 pounds ground beef, drained it
added in some chopped onion
(notice how laid-back I am with amounts?)
some granulated garlic (because I couldn't remember where I put the real stuff)
and then a small can of chopped green chilies.
I put this all into a bowl and washed out my favorite skillet to heat up the sauce in.
Grated Monterey Jack cheese in a bowl,
olives in another...
In another smaller skillet I put oil on to heat.

This whole procedure makes a huge mess every time and this was no exception.

First, I fry the corn tortilla until it gets a little firmer, flip it over and repeat.
I transfer it into the warm sauce and put another corn tortilla in the oil to start its cooking.
After dowsing the corn tortilla in the sauce, it goes onto a plate to get the rest of the stuff.
A small spoonful of meat, a couple of olives, a pinch of cheese...
fold it over and put it in a greased casserole.

I usually stack them double.
Cheese on top and they only need to be heated.

To add a little color, I will put some chopped green onion on the top when I heat them up.

Well, all of this makes a mess with sauce flying around, landing on the counter,
on me, the floor sometimes. So afterwards, a good cleaning of the stove is in order.
Two people (if they work together well) will make short work of this,
but you won't find me making a measly six or so when I do these,
no, I made up 36, put some in the freezer, some in the refrigerator
and ate a few for lunch.

To make this more interesting...
I got a call that a spaghetti dinner was all planned,
so just bring salad, drink and dessert!
P.S. thank you for those who provided the main dish, it was delicious.

Well, the start of a meal is ready for another time.

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