Monday, December 31, 2012

Apple Pie in Grandma's Skillet

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I have to tell you that when I first saw this picture
I was intrigued.

Iron skillets are one of those necessary items that live in your cupboard 
and don't come out unless invited.

They do cook wonderfully,
but I guess they lack the shiny, sparkles of stainless steel
and the warmth of pottery.

Anyway, on to the pie.

I saw this pictured at a gathering/retreat not long ago.
So, I "googled" it

and came up with this.

I tried to make it actually according to the recipe,
but my old nature came out and I had to 'tweak' it some.

When we (me) make apple pie,
a cup of sugar is not enough
(probably because I overfill the pan with more apples than it calls for)
but, this recipe calls for 3/4 cup...

I did not take into account the 1 cup of brown sugar that goes into the bottom...
and... I did not use refrigerated pie crust (mainly because I didn't have it)

To make a long story shorter, it turned out fabulously (is that even a word?)
Apples, peeled with my trusty peeler.
Seasoned with sugar and cinnamon and ready for the pie

The bottom crust is put over the brown sugar/butter mixture at the bottom of the pan,
Then you add the apples...

Then the top crust. To be frank, at this point, it looked so ugly...

But, I persevered, and added the egg white wash to the top and sprinkled with sugar.

Ready to bake at 350' for an hour, then shield it with foil
and bake an additional 10 minutes.

Mr has mentioned several times that it is the best pie he ever had...
that makes me wonder how he "suffered" through all those other pies.

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  1. Heh...I seriously doubt Dad "suffered" though many pies!


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