Thursday, May 23, 2013

Way Back in March, A Special Birthday

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I think I mentioned that my daughter (#1)
had a birthday, way back in March.
It was a 40th! 
My girls, Janice, Betty, Lori, and the birthday girl - Terry
Terry is the "famous" one
she and her husband own the own store...
The Vintage Bricoleur (yeah, I can't say it either)
visit them here.

I am definitely not old enough to have a 40 year old!

Anyway, her siblings from as far away as Texas
joined us to help us push her over the hump.
We hadn't been together, all of us, in the same place, at the same time,
 for over 8 years
way too long.
Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but it is what I have and for that I am thankful.

Betty - visited here with her family from Texas minus her husband for this trip.

Jim and his lovely wife who reside about 15 minutes from us.

Lori - from Texas visited here without her family, but because we were all together,
she couldn't resist coming, even if only for a few days. She was
able to come again in the month of April

Janice, our capable and "fully present" daughter, she lives nearby.

Steve, another Texas resident, visited without his family this time.
He had such a good time, he extended his ticket (thanks to the kind advice of his
wife and family.

Some were only here for a few days
but that was OK
it was all good.

One day was a "girls day out" and this is one of my granddaughters with me.

We went out to lunch at the High Hand Conservatory for Terry's birthday.
It adjoins her store in the same Packing Sheds that were used
years ago to pack the harvested fruit of this region.

What a fun few days we had together. 
I hope it doesn't take another 8 years before we can do it again.
(all together that is)

I know you are dying to ask: Why Texas?
Well, we go to retreats and that's where my children
met their mates. I am happy that they are happy, where ever they live.


  1. Oh, and what a time it was! Loved being with my family again! Brace yourself Mom, there will be another 40 year old next year! Love you

  2. For sure! What will that make me with two 40+ year olds? 80?

  3. Such good memories of time together with the family. Thanks for doing this post Mom. It was good to "relive" it. BTW, 40 is getting younger every day! ;) Love, Terry (the birthday girl)


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