Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Monthiversary

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I don't even know if there is such a thing. But it sounds fun, huh?

We are coming up on one. In fact, it will be our 504th. Over 500 months of marriage. It seems like yesterday in some ways. We have had our differences over the months, who hasn't? After all, we are human. We all have our ways that seem to be the best in our eyes. But, marriage is all about working together to show His glory through marriage.

(A warning, this is a long reminisce)

I was 20. Not that old, unless you consider I had no "steady" interest on my part or anyone else in me. I was having my own little Bible study when it occurred to me that what I really wanted in my life was God's will. So, I started studying with that in mind. What did God want for  me? After my prayer, it came to me that He wanted me to have a family. I knew I could do that... (well, we are all so innocent) But, I knew my own selfish me... So, then I started praying that if He wanted me to have a husband and family, He was going to have to send me my husband. I prayed for this non-existent person. I was sure that if I already knew him, I didn't view him as husband material. I was strong-minded and selfish and I knew that I needed a man that would guide me without letting me have my selfish ways. It then occurred to me (very logically) that this man may not even be saved. So, I then prayed for his salvation and wisdom for him to guide me.

Well, little did I know then what I know now. Mr was a young man that had recently lost his father. He was searching but didn't know it. He felt emptiness where his friends had left voids, his cars, job, his life were all non satisfying. In other words he needed the Lord. One day, he told the Lord, "I give up". He had no Bible training, he didn't know the catch phrases of "salvation", "born-again". All he knew was the religion that he had been brought up in taught him that there was a heaven and there was a hell. So, when he bowed his heart to the one God, he gave his life up to Him.

Not long after, he attended some church groups to see if he could find people that wanted to serve God like he did. There were some friends he knew, two sisters, that invited him to their church. So, he went. He saw the same two sisters who put on a different face at the church than they did at the parties they went to. He saw they led two different lives. That was not what he wanted. He wanted to serve God. He attended some other places. The same story. Their lives did not reflect God.

At his work, he knew a man that was not afraid to tell others about God. He would go around during his break and share Bible verses with whoever would listen, and even if they did not want to listen. Well, they didn't work the same shift, but word got to the older man that he should look up my Mr. There had been a drastic change in his dress, hair (afro cut off), his wanting to talk about the Lord. So, a time was set to meet up. Bible studies started. Mr learned then that this "saved", "born - again" and other words, were the same thing that happened to him - he would say "I saw the light". Isn't it wonderful how the Lord finds us where we are? But, He is too good to leave us there.

Well, back to the monthiversary...

We met at a Bible study. Mr was not looking for a wife. I had decided (with God's help) that I was not looking for a husband. I was waiting for Him to reveal that man to me when it was His time. We became friends, but not interested in "that" way. After some time, I was asking Mr what brought him to the Lord and he told me of the time the Lord had been "tracking him down". Hmm, I then asked when it was, like, when in the calendar year. When he told me, it was a shock to me to remember that was when I had really started praying for my future husband. Well, I didn't say anything then. I was still waiting, but I looked with different eye at him.

More time went by, not a lot, but time to grow in friendship. There came a time when Mr revealed that he had decided that he was not going to pursue what this friendship was leading to. I was a little shocked until he told me that no matter how much he had decided that course, the Lord was telling him that He wanted different! Huh? ! You mean?  Yes, he wanted to court me, with marriage our end! He then asked me what I thought. That is when I told him how I had prayed for my future husband and my first inkling that he may be the one was our conversation about his coming aware of the Lord dealing with him.

Well, the rest can wait for another long story time. How we got married, yes we did! How a tragic event happened just a few days before that wonderful day. And, you know the rest...

That's us on the right, my sister and her husband on the left, a double wedding.

 On our honeymoon in Bodega Bay. We each took each other's photo. I guess it didn't occur to find someone to help us out...
Some years later... about the time this next one was taken.

Blessings from the Lord. Yes, we were quite busy.

I have to say I haven't always been the help-meet that Lord wanted. I have been stubborn and will full at times. But my goal has been to be in God's will. I want that more than anything.

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