Monday, April 28, 2014

Roseville and Mes Amis

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For several years we have attended/sold at the show in Roseville called "Tattered House" and now Mes Amis. Don't worry, I can't pronounce it either. It is french for my friends or something like that.

We have had the same spot and have gotten rather used to setting up in our own little corner of the world.
We have questions all the time as to what we are called. It is not a business, just a reminder that we are your...

We like to take garden art and my husband's trade-mark restored treasures from old wood made new and usable again. I love how he takes something that is rather ugly and re-uses other parts to make something new and exciting. Sometimes it involves changing the top, or putting on a metal top, painting, gluing, sanding, or giving a piece legs or casters. I have seen him take one piece and it turns into two pieces that are charming. We have people tell us all the time that they love our pieces. Hmm, it is my husband's work, can I share in it too?

A cabinet that can be hung or just placed on another surface with some of my "stuff" inside to show usage.
The tall table on casters can be used as an island or work station.
We have had couples buy such pieces to use as a changing table!
I'm sure they will find many uses later on.

Another cabinet placed on what we call a small island/work station. Very useful.
Oh, look, there is a vintage ice chest. Perfect for the "man cave".

This was a 'bin table' but the half-round drawers were damaged and Mr took them off and restored the top. He cut a tall cabinet in half for the hutch piece. Ironstone, bowls and glasses show it off well. The bench was a perfect fit for the whole.

The top on this one lifts up and there is storage inside. You could use it for gardening, or in a kitchen for storing goods or cooking things.

I like this one. It seems to have been a "receiving desk" from long ago. The slanted top would be perfect for a desk, or use it as an island. It is a lovely "mix" of industrial and practical. There is also storage inside for whatever you wish.

These were just a sneak peek at some of the items that we take to shows like Mes Amis and others.

What one is your favorite?

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  1. my favorit is the last table :) it looks so vintage :D


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