Friday, April 25, 2014

Fussy Old People

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Fussy old people. You know the ones. "Where is my cup? Not that one, I like the one with the thick edge. I like that one."  "Did anyone see where I put my glasses? Oh, I have them on? Hmm?"  "Do you have a fan? It seems like I'm hot in here." And on and on.

We just returned from visiting our children in Texas. I must tell you that they were very long-suffering with us. We were treated like royalty. "Let 'Honey' have the front seat so she can get in and out better". "Dad, would you like something to eat to hold you over before dinner?" "Papa likes this kind", and on and on. We were made to feel so welcome.

The two girls and our son planned a day of fun for the guys and the same time a day of shopping for the girls. Not to forget the son-in-laws and daughter-in-law, they accommodated our every whim.  My poor granddaughter had to listen to stories from long ago til her eyes glazed over. She told her mother later, "'Honey just told me her life story". Hmm, I will have to make it shorter next time! (and she didn't hear all of it!)

Schedules were changed, beds were given up. Menus planned just for us. We were together nearly every day with frequent phone calls and texts in between.

A family whiffle ball game had us all cheering. It didn't matter who was hitting (or not hitting), we just all wanted to "let the kid out".

New sunglasses

Taking a rest


Family whiffle ball

Our normal heavy hitter couldn't get a hit. She blamed it on a need for glasses.

Some enjoyed watching.

One granddaughter just redid her room

And, made this picture for it, don't you just love the spelling?

Many poses were taken with this poor rabbit who died making a little boy happy.

Boy cousins.

I finished another rug for a 40th birthday coming up.

We had a wonderful time and look forward to returning. 

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  1. What a special time! I'm sure the daughters and son that were so accommodating learned it from their parents. Y'all sure are a nice looking bunch. :) And your rug is pretty too!


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