Saturday, March 19, 2011

Upcoming Shows For April

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Well, these past few months have certainly put a damper and dampness on our show dates.  Our show in Alameda was cancelled in November and March. A "make-up rain date" was for the second weekend of March and we attended.  There were dealers there, but there were also other shows on that same date that conflicted with this one. Needless to say, less dealers, confused shoppers (who thought the show was the previous weekend and it should have been...) and still rain showers made for a show that was to me, mediocre.

These were wet, rainy, miserable Alameda shows, and yet... we sold enough...

Now, this weekend we have off, but we are both feeling poorly -- more like the flu...

The first weekend (April 3) will see us again in Alameda. The trailer is mostly packed with space for a few additional items that we hope to finish and find before the pull-out early morning.

A peek inside a partly packed trailer, when this baby is packed, there is no more room, it is packed clear to the door.

The second weekend we hope to be in downtown Sacramento, under the freeway. We have loyal customers, or at least repeat lookers at both shows. The configuration of our booths are different in each space and I have to rethink "now, how am I going to set up".

Our spaces here are set on the diagonal, whereas in Alameda, they are set straight.

The third weekend of April (17th) we will be doing a show in downtown Roseville - a small city about 15 minutes away (compare to 2 hours to Alameda) A little Antique store called "The Tattered House" will host it and the city closes the street for about 2 blocks. It is an invitation only event (We Get To Go!)  I  don't have pictures of last fall's show, but you can see theirs at their website:   Look for the Roseville Antique Market and there you go! The Tattered House is a smallish older home turned into business and perfect for a shop.

A dealer that sells in the Tattered House bought this from us

 Here it is in the store:
I know, it looks better there...

Here are a few other pictures of my last visit

Do you notice a Bricoleur?

Amazing silver jewelry sold here and a write-up in a magazine.

Bread tins turned into display

Repurposed industrial size beater turned into a chandelier

Silver forks are now easels.
Well, that is what the next few weeks will bring. Come on by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood, we would love to see you, always.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love those two tables with the blue legs, they looks fun and functional! Great job!


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