Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More of California Coast

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To continue our  getaway...
We have been going to Fort Bragg for just about forever - well, maybe 20-30 years - oh wait, we went there when Terry (Miss Bricoleur) was 6 months old. So, if I do the math - over 38 years!

I feel a part ownership of the place. I look for what has changed since I was there last. The locals are earthy folk who one of my children would term "crunchy". The whole town survives on tourists and what they bring. We toured town, looking for yard sales and found one yard with a few items in it for sale. We struck a deal with the owner on a few items, one of which had to be taken apart before we could fit it in the back of the canopy on our truck. We found a "new" area we had never been to before (and probably won't go back again...)

 One place we seem to always hit is the Skunk Train Museum and mall of little shops that have sprung up around it for the tourists. There is a bevy of small shops that have glass blowing, T-shirts, cookbooks, shells, and local artist creations, along with a local cafe sort of restaurant with a restored steam locomotive in it.

How about these old passenger cars, rotting away? They used to carry travelers to Willits (around 35 miles away, over the river and through the woods).
Tracks that lead out of town.

No trip to Fort Bragg is complete until we visit the Coast True Value Store. You can buy everything from dishes, paint, hardware, electronics, candles, camping equipment and everything in between.
All this housed in a smallish store.
Across Main street is an old Lumber Baron's home turned into a museum
Beautiful stained glass bay window from an upstairs landing.

We hit all the thrift/second hand stores in town and the next. We scored on an old suitcase and green pyrex bowl, although I saw some awesome photos I would have like to have, but they were way, way, too expensive. $35 is too much for my thrifty self.

Mendocino, another small tourist town down the coast a short distance was having a craft/bake sale.
We usually don't go to these, but we had the time and we got several ideas from
other stores in the area. I got a bar of handmade, organic soap, a hair stick, homemade cookies
 and Mr got some apricot jam that will have his name and his only, on it. All, because we wanted the "help" the local economy. We have been on the selling side and know how it is to sit in your booth for long
periods and have people oooh and ah over your things and then they walk away. We couldn't buy everything, but every little bit helps. Besides, a trip to Fort Bragg always includes a Mendocino trip.

We also took in a trip to the Point Cabrillo Light Station.
It is fairly new, only being in use since 1905...
We had a leisurely walk down to the point, with eyes watching us
We crossed a area that is eroding as we speak...
It made a lovely "whomp!" sound every once in a while. Mr had to call me back to the path again!
Of the light keepers houses, two are rentable, and one is a museum. You can rent one of them out for the week for a near $3,000 if you want...

This is the second time we have visited the light station and it is always an enjoyable time.

Well, we stayed until Monday and then it was time to head on home. We talked about how this grandchild would enjoy this or that, how next time we need to..., or how we could bring a "load" up here of smalls and try our luck. All together, we enjoyed our time away, but we are always glad to come home.


  1. I have always wanted to go (back) there. I understand that I have been there before but it doesn't count if I can't remember it! :) That looks like so much fun!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! This is my kind of trip. I would love to do something like that here on the east coast. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  3. Oh, I miss our family trips to Fort Bragg! It's been 14 years since I've been there....I would love to see what it's like through the eyes of an adult, see if it's like I remember. And I'd love to visit some of those "crunchy" shops. ;-)


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