Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tips for Shows/Sales 101 The Business End

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So, you think you would like to do a sale at a flea market, established venue or whatever. Here are some tips that I have divided into sections for easier reading. Or, perhaps you are killing time until the dentist calls you in for your root canal... whatever

We have been doing shows and sales for about 3-4 years now. Wow! Time is flying by...

Selling at a show, or flea market or well-established venue is not just showing up on the day of the show. That is, unless it is your sister that is putting on the show, or you know someone "in high places". There are a few things that need to be done ahead.

1. In our state, we need a resale permit. (unless you sell maybe once a year) They are free, you just have to go to a website or go in person to fill out a form and go on record that you plan to sell to the public. Here, in California, you are then responsible to file and pay tax on what you sell. Therefore, you need to keep a record of what you sell, how much, etc. It sounds more intimidating then it really is. And, if you sell to another dealer, then you don't have to pay tax on the sale, just report it.

2. I have designed and printed my own tags and business cards since we first started selling in the Trove and since at shows. They are not perfect, just plain old cards with information for someone to contact you if they want. I carry some in my purse and give them out at yard sales if the person looks like they may have some items we can get later. I also have "sold" tags to put on items that sell and we hold until the buyer can come back and pick them up. I am talking about a few hours. If you can hold their items, it leaves their hands free to go on shopping and then they have to return to your space. Sometimes I put their name on the tag and sometimes I just group their items with a SOLD tag.

I have a plastic shoe box (the kind with a lid that snaps on) and in it I have
  • Business Cards
  • Tags for marking prices on items
  • Clear tape - (we used to call it Scotch tape - but I know that is just a brand name)
  • Sold Tags
  • Metal tape Measure
  • Small clip board with a tablet - used to record my sales for tax purposes
  • Receipt book - for those that want a written receipt (dealers usually do)
  • Extra pens
  • Small plastic bags for jewelry sales - I get these at WalMart in the scrapbook area
  • Change pouch - I usually have $35 in change in it - when I count my money at the end, I put back the $35 and I am ready for the next sale.
  • One of those leatherman tool thingys - it has screw driver, knife, pliers, etc all in one
  • I also carry chap stick, super glue and a few other small, small items - you can personalize it for you.
This box goes with me to all sales. I replenish whatever is needed before the next time. It is easy to grab and I know exactly what is where.

Do you have questions that I didn't cover? Let me know...

Well, tune in next time for more Tips - I am going to cover "GETTING IN TO A SHOW"


  1. Very Nice! These are great tips. You have taught me many of them in the last few years. Looking forward to seeing the next post.

  2. perfect timing! I am doing the farmers market/craft sale on Saturday for the first time, I have been making lists and trying to remember everything. I hadn't thought about sold tags, thanks!!

  3. What an awesome post! Thanks for sharing your tips.

  4. I have wanted to start selling SO bad! It's in my blood you know! anyway, with a little peep in the house and Lord willing more to come I know thats not what I should be doing, but oh it sounds like fun! Great tips, your box sounds just like what my mother takes when having a yard sale.


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