Friday, December 2, 2011

Tips for Shows and Sales 102 Getting In

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Tips For Getting into Those Shows

So, you have been to a really cool craft/flea market.  Or, perhaps you went to a widely advertised Antique Market. And you say, "Hey, I could do this". Well, here are a few tips/suggestions for getting there.

1. Have things to sell. I know this sounds really stupid, but if you don't have inventory, then your space will look lost in the whole scheme of things. If you are wanting to sell at a show that specialized in crafts, then you need to have craft inventory. And, a variety works best. It is good to specialize, but the more things you have, the more things your customers will have to look at. Keep in mind that you are there to make money. Sounds so heartless, doesn't it? But, that really is the bottom line. We would be crazy to do all the work on our projects, pack for days, get up in the middle of the night to get there, spend hours unpacking and setting up your space and then give it away.

Be aware of what people are buying. Look in magazines (I'm terrible about doing this) . Look around you. Not everything that people bring to shows sell. We sell about 1/4 - 1/3 of what we bring... but sometimes a person who has seen you before remembers and comes back to get that item. Put your own twist on what you bring. You may get a buyer for something unique - in fact, if they wanted the same thing everyone else has, they would go down to Walmart to get it. Unique sells and if you are dealing in old things -- CLEAN SELLS! I will go over how to price in another blog at a later date.

2. Now that you have things to sell, you need to contact someone who is doing a "show". Look in trade magazines for upcoming shows. Some shows want your information 6 months in advance. (That is hard when your niece is getting married sometime next year and you don't want to hit her weekend.) If you attend shows, ask around for who is in charge, be ready to give information as to who you are, what you sell, and contact numbers. Another way is to look online for shows in your area. If you have to travel all day to get there, get a room for the night and spend another day coming home, you better make big bucks to cover your expenses.

3. Take pictures of your product. Lots of times I am asked for pictures of what we sell. A picture tells it all. Arrange your items attractively, take some pictures, close-ups are good, and be ready with these. You can offer to email them to your prospective venue.

4. Network. It has been amazing to me to watch one of my daughters work her small business. She knows people, their names, where they sell, and it has paid off for her. A bright smile closes many a deal. She is now selling in one of the biggest, widely publicized markets in the mid-California area and everyone know "my daughter". Check out this site  Look at the video and sigh... But then, keep in mind that these are experts, they have had a lot of years in the training and most of them are just crazy talented. This is way out of my league, but I can admire.

Back next time to talk about things that I take...practically speaking.

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  1. Great posts!!! You are always the best list maker, and it's great that you can share your wisdom with others!!


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