Friday, December 30, 2011

Plate Transfer Project

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I know a selfless, giving lady, or rather two ladies
that put together a project for some children to do at a camp meeting we had.

The children color a traced picture on some special paper
color it in.
Put their names on it if they wish
and it is sent in to a company that takes the colored paper
and transfers it onto the plate.

It has been very popular with the children for years
Some families have plates that date way back to other camps.

Here are a few snapshots of our project day.
Some decided that they wanted their own design instead of using a traced image.
Some others were very elaborate
Moms helped
Some dads helped
And pretty much the whole family got involved
Concentration was the key
The designs could be anything you wanted
Even grandmothers tried it
This young lady was waiting patiently for a certain color marker
As with any successful enterprise, these young ladies helped
with the business end of labeling and taking payments.

More of the designs chosen. I didn't get pictures of all of them, their were
far too many, and they were all outstanding.
This is my granddaughter with her finished design.

Thanks to those who chose this project to keep
memories alive of this camp.


  1. We love all the plates we have from over the years (even have one from way back that all my friends made for me before I got married). This last year we made bowls and that has been a nice change.

  2. this was the first year we have made a plate with Tara, she loved it! I see many more in our future. I have a plate from just such a camp that has all the young people's signitures on it, it is dated 1993!!! So I know it has been going on at least that long! Thanks for sharing the pics, it is fun to see a few!

  3. I used to do this when I was an Art Teacher (way back when!) The students worked on a piece of artwork and then could purchase a variety of products with their artwork on it. Our families always loved it! A great way to preserve memories!!!


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