Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Good News for Those Who Want Thirty-one Bags With a Giveaway

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Have you seen the thirty-one bags? 
Thirty-One Gifts Home

They cover every possibility of life where you can use a tote, cosmetic bag, organizer, carry-all, etc. And, they are not limited to female use. There is also a line with ideas for the men in your life. I have a large tote that goes with me every show that we do and I wouldn't trade it - nah, nope, nunha. It is tall enough to hold my hot water thermos, first aid kit, packaged soups, instant coffee/creamer/sweetener container, extra gloves, a hat, lighter for the propane heater and a lot more. It stays packed and ready for the next show and I really need, make that want more bags for other uses.

You can see their products here. Go to the catalog and see what they have to offer.

This month's special is Thirty-One's most popular item- Zip top Thermal Tote and *New* Cinch Top Thermal Tote. They are each $5 off their original price. Check it out!

Now, here is the thing. I am having a catalog party of my own.  There is nothing for you to attend, just look through the catalog and contact me with your order, I would also need your zip code to figure tax and shipping costs.  If you want it shipped directly to you, there is a small $4 charge over and above the usual shipping, but then you get it and I don't have to find you... you can also personalize items with names, favorite phrases, initials, etc for a small fee -- check the online catalog.

I am having my online blogging party until January 1st, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Those of you who lurk, I mean follow secretly in the California area, I will have the catalogs with me when we meet together this weekend. If you already know what you want in advance, it will not take away from our time of fellowship.

Now, for the part that you really, really wanted to read... For the first 5 orders that I take through this blog, I will give you a $7 gift from the catalog. You choose, you can use it towards one of those cute smaller bags, or apply it to your own order, or perhaps you want to use it to personalize your bag.

Contact me (look at the top of the blog for the email information) with the bag you want and give me your email information since orders must go through a consultant. We will figure out the cost for you by zip code, and if you are one of the first 5, you will receive the special gift of $7 towards your purchase order.

If you want to book your own catalog party, that can be done also. It is so easy, my consultant will mail you the books, order forms and other information. You contact those who you think may be interested and there you have it. There are free gifts/stuff associated with having a party.

Disclaimer: if you are a Thirty-one consultant, I am not trying to take away your loyal customers, just trying to give an opportunity to those that would like to order.

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