Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Give Me Your Advice

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I have been working (well, that is a lose term...) on this lap size quilt top for just about forever. I have had the idea since I got the fabric panel well over a year ago. I would get it out, work for a while, tear what I did apart, put it away, get it out again, over and over. I need your help now.

I cut apart the panel into the larger piece on the right and the smaller squares on the left.

My daughter-in-law helped me decide to place the smaller squares on the side with bordered squares around them. I then had to make the larger panel fit the size of the row of smaller squares. It needed more dark color, so I went with the dark green around it, but then the smaller square panel needed a border 
(will this ever end???)

OK, enough of confusing you...

Here is the question, should I take off the black border on the left? Should it be green?

should I leave well-enough alone?

At this point I was ready to just sandwich the thing and be done,
but then
I thought of you... and your ideas.

Do you have any advice for me?

By the way, I was planning on giving it as a wedding gift to a couple that I know. They have been married for over a year already, so I am a little late... (only just a little?)


  1. I like the black border personally. But do YOU is the real question?! Beautiful it a gift or for you?

  2. I added (in the blog) that I wanted this to be a wedding gift, but I am so slow when it comes to "winging it", otherwise "flying by the seat of my pants". I hope to finish it and be able to give it to the couple when we see them at the end of the month.

  3. I like the black border - sets it off nicely. Beautiful work Helen. The couple will love it!

    Warm hugs,


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