Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Could Be Saving $$ on Energy - Thrifty Tip

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Our Utility company offered a program years ago to save on our energy bill.

This is the way it worked...

Our energy was on a meter that clocked when we used it. Any energy used during "peak" hours (which were from noon to 6 pm) was charged an amount that was almost 4 times what it would be if we used the same energy during "off peak" hours (from 6pm until noon).  Wow, I hope that made sense to you, I'm still wondering.

So, since we pump our water from a well, and it uses 220, I made sure that any laundry I did was done before noon, or after 6 pm. With a family of six children and two adults, it took a little adjusting, but we made it just fine. We had an electric stove at that point also, and I adjusted my peak cooking hours to be before noon, not that I didn't cook, I just didn't use a lot during those 6 hours. (We since that time have changed to a natural gas stove/range, and a gas dryer) Our energy bills, on an average, run around $100 a month. Now, granted, we don't have snow here in Northern/Central California, but you get the idea.

Check your utility company and see if they offer programs that will adjust your bill if you use less energy during their peak hours. It can't hurt to ask, and you may save some money to boot.


  1. I had this on my last house and it was definitely a money saver :)

  2. It's kind of funny to read this, I remember when we changed over to this energy saving program, but I never thought about how it still affected the way I do things today, especially the laundry. In my mind the laundry needs to be done before noon, washed and dried, otherwise I wait and wash it the next day. I've never put much thought into why I do the laundry that way, but when I read this post the other day it all made since.

    1. You never know until you ask. It may not be published, but they want you to use less energy during peak hours. Thanks for the comment.


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