Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Giveaway from the "Last Frontier"

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In my wandering around, looking at quilts and just random stuff, I ran across this blog

Sew Dutch

It chronicles the adventures of two sisters who live in Alaska.
They are having a giveaway, celebrating 100 posts. Be sure to go over there and enter and see some of their lifestyle, projects and stuff.

We visited Alaska last September, you can read about it here

Now, I don't know if I ever posted pictures of some of the awesome quilts I saw there in some quilt shops. I can spot a quilt/fabric store from quite a distance. My long-suffering husband allowed me to roam the aisles and admire the wares. It we had more room, some of these treasures would have returned with me, but, you only have so much room in a suitcase...

I wish I knew who made the ones I have pictures of, I am probably breaking some law by posting their pictures, but I still admire them and I want you to see them.

This shop was in Skagaway

Here is a beautiful table runner.It was hanging from the ceiling

Can you see the bolts of fabric? The squares in this one are scenes of bears, deer and other Alaska type wildlife.

I really liked this one that has panels, it looks like you are looking out a window

This one was in Ketchican (wow, I hope that is spelled right)
There was a fabric shop and next door was a quilt shop.
Our neighbors in this far state have some real talent and they put it to good use during those cold winter months.

Anyway, head on over to

Sew Dutch and view their blog and enter their giveaway.

You will be glad you did.


  1. thanks for posting about our giveaway!

  2. Went over and had a look at Sew Dutch, mentioned that you sent me.


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