Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Official Mes Amis Report...

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Mes Amis
Spring 2012

I wrote that title and sat back and looked it over.

It looked official, even -- well sorta

Last Saturday, April 21

we attended, ventured out, took our wares
good, bad, ugly and awesome

to Roseville for the Spring Mes Amis Show

We sported the Antique Trove sign over our space...
Advertising for them and a landmark place for our
customers to find us.

All the 
vendors sold there also.
We were the tag along little sister that was allowed to come.
And happily at that.
I'm sorry that I couldn't spend more time touring their spaces,
finding special one-of-a-kind treasures
because they were all there.

A denim and white metal love seat with a few pillows I made for the event.
(still available, but the birdbath sold)
This patio set went to a new home

Mr does such a wonderful job with metal topped tables
The farm table with casters found a new home

As you can see, we had no shortage of benches
The start of a display I am working on for the coming Memorial Holiday
4th of July will work too -- Red, White and Blue
I think I will add a flag to the mix and put it on a table,
what do you think?

The background belongs to our neighbor
The Green Mum
from Redding, Ca
I had several "lookers" for my jewelry bouquet and the
tray sold from underneath it.

We had a lovely day, breezes tickled our warm brows
and good friends came and visited during our time.
We look forward to returning in the fall.

This was on Saturday...
Mr had the Bible study to give on Sunday...
We ran away to Tahoe Sunday afternoon...
Another story, another time.

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  1. wow, your booth looks good! I love that green rolling cart! It looks so refreshing and the metal top is awesome too! Hope it went well for you!


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