Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Little of This and A Little of That

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Life is so busy

or is that just an excuse I use?

I am finally getting to see a wall in my living room.
The living room is always a treasure trove of items that have been finished and cannot
take either the heat in the summer or the cold in the winter.

We - well I use that term lightly, because it is Mr that does
all the heavy lifting around here.
Ahem, we..., are using up some of the items we have had
stored in the living room. 
For instance - I don't have a Farm Table in the center...
yes, that is where they go when they are finished.
Sometimes, there are two...

I do have a stack about two feet high of
old bound volumes of a local newspaper that went out of business.
Read about them here.
I am trying to figure out how to make some money on these
very large books that were donated to us.
I see that the University Library has the same ones in a Special Collection Section
of the Campus Library. They are not allowed out of the room.
Here they are, sitting in my living room, right next to a few oil lamps,
a wine bottle opener that we will sell, a bookcase, some back issues of some magazines
and so forth.

They are rather interesting to look at, but other than that...
Dating back to 1868 to 1944 - now that was a long time ago -
you can see the improvements to the city,
the cost of goods - incredible in these high inflation days.
Pictures of women's fashions, grocery ads,
news from the war front.

We went to a show yesterday, almost in our backyard.
It was called Mes Amis
(no, I can't say it either)

Here are a few pictures taken by Mr with my cell phone.

We were based on a little patio area and because of our E-Z up canopies, had shade the whole day.
Some others were based on the street under natural canopies of trees.
It is still in the 90's here in September. And, yesterday was no exception.

Notice the wonderful Farm Table and I see "me" in the background.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, likes the island in the background.
Here is a closer picture.
You can kinda tell when someone likes something, they come up to it and "pet" it.

We sold things that we really, really liked. But, we have plenty for our next show in about 3 weeks.

Does this remind anyone else of that children's book "Hats for Sale"?

A corner of a table was devoted to a "Wedding" Theme.

Well, that is all I have for now.

When we "do" a show, it is like moving twice in one day.
You get where you are going, unload, set everything up like in a house,
then, a few hours later, you pack it all up again and load it up.

We had a helper, in the form of a friend, "Frank" who wanted to help us
load up at the end of the day. He really put away some "gold, silver and precious stones"
with all his hard labor.
Thanks again, Frank.

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