Friday, September 28, 2012

Homemade Corn Tortillas

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A stack of freshly made tortillas.

Made with this.

No, it is not a torture device, but a tortilla press. You have probably seen one of these sometime in your life at a yard sale, thrift store, etc.
(Because I have used it once this year, it has survived the yearly clean-out drill)

My husband has Mexican heritage and I'm sure that his grandmothers, hey even his mother would have love to have one of these. I can picture them kneeling by their fire (not his mother) and patting out the corn masa with their hands and then cooking it on the hot stones. And this was after they ground the corn into flour. 

And, all before lunch !

I, however, bought my corn masa straight from the grocery store.
I am so spoiled.
All you do is add water! and a little salt.

I mixed it up and used a cookie scoop to make it into little balls. (Note to self, they came out pretty small, so next time, use a larger scoop)
The directions told me to use plastic wrap to keep it from sticking .
( I just had to try one without the wrap - and sure enough, it sticks)

Put the top down and smash the handle down too,
and you have a perfectly shaped tortilla.

It comes out so round, even when the balls are not shaped so round.

See how thin? Maybe 1/16th of an inch?
Cook it up on a hot skillet/griddle

turn it over to cook both sides.

Stack them up and cover to keep them from drying out.

Tonight, at our Friday evening gathering, I am taking these little gems,
some black beans, salsa and cheese.
They will be transformed (I hope) into Quesedillas.

One of these times I want to take the makings and let the kids make/smash
their own. After all, the grandkids have Latin blood in them too.


  1. I make these, too, only my tortilla press also cooks them while they spoiled can one get!! But I actually take my tortillas and brush them with oil and cut into eighths with scissors or pizza cutter and bake at 350 for 15 min. Makes delicious tortilla chips. I also found that it is better to add a little more salt to the recipe for salty chips than to sprinkle the chips with salt as it doesn't stick on very well.

  2. I should have signed.....Sonja


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