Thursday, October 4, 2012

Projects in the Making

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I really have been busy...

Well, I am calling it busy anyway.

With the fall weather, it makes me want to do hand-work. Longer evenings, sitting in my favorite chair...

I saw these cute little crocheted pumpkins over at hip2thrift and just had to try them.

They were so easy, that I showed my 10 year old granddaughter how to make them and since she has made a few, they are currently selling in their parent's store. My daughter tells me they can't keep them in stock... how's that?

You still have time to make your own and get the pattern here.

At first I made a few.

Then a few more

Then I rummaged around in my stash and found a few more colors to try out, more gourd type.

Before I knew it I had almost a whole pumpkin/gourd patch

So, then I found some red yarn. The color here is not real...
When I showed my granddaughter, her comment was - "Tomatoes"!

I was making red apples, sigh.

On another front, I saw some fabric and started tearing it up for a rug

I have no idea where this is going and the color really looks washed out... wait, I'll take an indoor photo and see...
Well, that is a little better, not quite to washed out.
After I get a double row, like the part on the left, I don't really know where to go,
I usually steal from my stash and nothing is really "speaking" to me right now.
perhaps something dark? The middle part is kinda a salmon color...

When I first saw the fabric that is in the center and started knotting it together,
all I could think about was "Folk Art". It just seemed to have that flavor,
now, since I added the light blue, I am thinking "crazy quilt" or something along that lines.
Maybe "crazy lady".

Long way to go before it will be of any use, but a start.
You can get instructions for making your own creation of a rug from
a tutorial I did a while back. And, second part is here

It truly is a no sew rug. This one is rather tight, but it will wear well. Washable and all.

AND, if you do decide to make one, please share a picture or link back for me to see. I love to see what others are doing.

I also have a piece of burlap from a 50 pound sack that I am thinking about making into table runners.
I have so many ideas running around in my head and not enough energy to complete them.

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