Monday, October 8, 2012

A Beautiful Day to Visit Alameda

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I just wanted to share a few photos from our day yesterday.

It was lovely weather and we love this show.
Of course it was hard work, but it is worth it to see it all set up.

A cool dial telephone from long time ago.

The veiw from looking straight in. We have neighbors whose panel truck gives us not only a wind break, 
but also a backdrop.
Table and benches - sold.
And, the island with a metal top and the file drawers are gong to a shop in Fairfax 
called "Beach House Style"

If you are not familiar with it (I wasn't) this is a camel saddle !
It would make an awesome footstool, coffee table and quite
a conversation piece.

The "wedding area". Still waiting for that one bride who needs a jewelry bouquet.

Now, the 'far east' area.  Everyone loved the horse.
He had such lovely pitting

The little tea canisters on the top shelf came with tea inside of them.
And every one of the pyrex refrigerator dishes sold.

This is a very old beer ice chest. Falstaff was a brand
from a long time ago. Pretty good shape for the age.

Cute little animals and tiny people.

The chair, of yes, someone wanted it really bad, but then she wanted us to hold it
while she shopped all over. We couldn't hold it, she walked away, but...
she hurried back in about 10 minutes with cash in hand.

More of the animals

I crocheted these pumpkins and gourds
They are really easy and great for the fall season.

A little ironstone for display. Someone did buy one of the coffee pots without the lids.

Now this is an old fashioned bin table. 
You can't duplicate paint like this.
Two large curved drawers on the bottom,
two more drawers next up (one divided for utensils)
and two cutting boards. It had seen lots of use through the years
and it will go on working for the couple that bought it.

Unique handle/pulls

Le Creuset pots

Isn't this a cute island? It is narrow (everyone from the bay area wants narrow)
It has a cutting board and a door to the cupboard, on casters, too.

Well, just a little peek into what was what yesterday.

See you soon.


  1. LOVE that yellow chair!!! It would've looked perfect in my bedroom. :-)

  2. Smart girl coming back quickly with her cash! That chair is awesome!!! And the blue bin table is gorgeous all your treasures Helen!


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