Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breaking the Bread Code

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I have heard of color ties for dating the freshness of bread.

Each day of the week is assigned a color and you go by the color to determine what day of the week the bread was baked.

Accordingly, I did a very short internet search to find out what colors go to what days. And, bread is baked only certain days (what do they bake on the other days?  - twinkies?)


Monday - Blue

Tuesday - Green

Wednesday - Day off - or twinkie day

Thursday - Red

Friday - White

Saturday - Yellow

Sunday - Another twinkie day

So, I usually get my homemade bread from a friend who does the whole thing from scratch, adds extra ingredients to make it even more healthy, bakes it in her own kitchen and delivers it to me. How much better than that? Should I get her some color ties, just to liven things up a bit? What color should Wednesday be? (my usual day of delivery)...

Maybe I should just leave things the way they are and not "rock the boat"

By the way, I also found out that these colors codes don't work for all bread manufacturers... some have their own colors and they PAY people to rotate the stock on the shelves so you won't have a week old loaf laying there for you to grab.

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