Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The China is Going to a Good Home

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I has come to my attention that I am now ready to see some of my treasured items go to a new home.

My china.

Before I was married, a couple that I worked for gave me a place setting of this lovely china.

At our wedding, they gave me the rest of the set - gasp!
So dainty, and feminine.
Pink glass accessories are very nice with it.

It must not have been a very popular selling item
because I have not seen many extra pieces in my years of
digging through piles of yard sales
shopping the aisles of thrift stores
and seeing it online.

It is German made and the store where the couple purchased it has long since closed it doors.

I still love it
I think I will love it more when I see it in my daughter "B's" home.

It has survived over 40 years of marriage,
six children
and I didn't use it as often as it deserved.
But, it is all there, no chips, cracks, etc.
Service for 8.

Long ago, this child claimed it for herself.
It was a joke that she would get it after...
after I was finished with it.
The other girls have other claims in also,
but that is for another post.

Well, I don't see myself giving dinner parties
and she is rather a social butterfly,
so, it will now be put to good use.

I like to give "with an open hand",
which means to me that whoever gets what I give
can do whatever they want with the gift,
no strings attached.
It is now theirs.

I packed it in a box and the next time "B" comes, she can properly pack it for travel.
Because it is going around 1750 miles to its new home.
Half a country away.

It's a good thing.


  1. Oh My, I can hardly wait!

  2. Hi Helen, I hope all is well with you. I haven't seen any posts in awhile and have thought of you off and on. Blessings! Rachel


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