Monday, February 25, 2013

Fruit Smoothie

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Mr drinks one of these every day. I love them, too, but right now I am trying to limit my carbohydrates, so...
No gluten, no dairy - that is unless you want to add it...

I use 8 ingredients, and it make two largish servings.

I put everything in the blender and give it a whirl

Measurements are approximate:
1/2 Cup Orange Juice
1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
1 ripe banana
1/2 Cup pineapple (today I used canned in its own juice)
crushed or any kind will work - add some of the juice too
Mango chunks - frozen
my store carries these - it is only fruit with some stuff to keep it from turning brown...
Peach slices - like the mango, frozen
and like the mango, they have no sugar added - only fruit
Lately, I have added a large washed leaf of Kale
(I have drawn the line at the stem at this point, maybe I will add it if I get a better blender)
And, lastly, a golden delicious apple
(because that is the kind Mr likes)

I throw all of this into my blender (an older one at that)
and pulse it and then really get down to business with running it.

It is really important to at least let the lid rest on top of the ingredients,
as I found out this morning when it spurted out all over me, my glasses, the counter, etc...

As it blends, it will condense down

Now, with it turned off, give it some stirs, then continue to run it to get all the fruit to the bottom
where the real stuff is going on.

One will be enjoyed today and the other will be refrigerated with a cover for tomorrow.
I know, it probably loses some of its goodness, nutrition and all, but it makes two
and I am too lazy to do this every day!

My blender is an Osterizer
Just a plain Jane, but she is a workhorse.
I think she is probably 20 years old - times flies by so fast.

I found a VitaMix at a yard sale a while back.
But it needed a replacement "doodad" and I was just too lazy to order it...
So, I sold it at a show and made a $60 profit.

Unless someone wants to give me a VitaMix, I will continue to use this one until it dies.
Then, I am promised a new one.
(I am not suggesting or hinting here)
I am just telling you that this one works fine for me - and yours will probably do so also.

Enjoy whatever variety of fruits you want in your drink.
They freeze great, too, for the summer.
I am going to be looking for "popsicle" makers for the summer.
I will probably find them at a yard sale, I do most other things too.

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