Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Finds

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Here are just a few of the finds we got this morning.

Mr got a whole lot more that I didn't take any pictures of - like wood shelving, a buffet cabinet (free!) an old metal bed spring (you take the springs out and sell them separately - I have no clue what they do with those!) a metal cabinet with a Formica top that will get a new wood top. Just some basic starter supplies to make some fantastic items with. When you get the supplies for little or nothing, that just makes it greater.

I got this:
Among the items are two colored pottery bowls that I am thrilled with (I have this weakness for bowls and pitchers, if you haven't noticed) some cobalt blue glassware (a tidbit server and a pedestal dish) a covered casserole in a metal server, some ironstone, carnival glass, a unique nutmeg grater (front center) and a number of pieces of mottled grey enamelware. There is also a jar of old marbles a metal box, a strainer and a tin that says "Lipton Tea".

Most of this came from one barn sale and it was so dirty it needed a bath before I set it anywhere in the house. Not a bad haul. Now the hard part - pricing, I don't like to price, it takes time and thought.


I came out of the house the other morning and found this
It is all that is left of "Pretty Bird"

True to form, I thought. We never seem to have a pet very long before they either run away (from boredom I wonder) or they get killed.
You can read about him here

Since it has been such nice weather, and he is cooped up inside of the house most of the time, I put his cage outside on a table where he can see us working, here the other birds, etc. Since it was also warm inside without the swamp cooler going, I left him outside overnight (I've done this before...)

Well, something (perhaps a raccoon) had scoped out this convenient place to have dinner and decided that this was the evening to go out to eat. The cage had obviously been pushed off of the table (and it was a large cage, so it must have been a big raccoon). There were a few more feathers here and there, but I am sure that Pretty Bird is now singing with the angles.

Who knows what animal we will next torture... Stay tuned.

Oh, did I tell you that we now have a cat?

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  1. Possibly it was the cat? Great finds! I saw a neat idea for those bed springs. a lady had spray painted them white and then put old blue insulators in them, upside down, and used them for funky candle holders. They looked pretty neat!


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