Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ironstone Heaven

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Recently, we hit a jackpot at a yard sale

The first day we went I was selective and got most of these:

some of these large and I mean 15 inches high, were to a bowl and pitcher set at one time. The other large one is an unusual vase, thing $$ when you see these and they are not quite as ugly... I mean, how many of you want these to docorate with?
Most of these dishes were from my first visit to this yard sale. I cleaned them up, they were rather dirty, fly speckled and real dusty, dirty. The set of square bowls I thought were kinda unusual. My daughter (the vintage bricoleur) drooled over many of these. And, another bricoleur, when she saw the pictues, said "I want to buy that one" (she collects ironstone)

Well, since I had such a great review, I decided to go back the next day and here is what I got
I'm sorry, you just have to put up with my photographic skills or lack there of. There are multiple shots of the same dishes here.

I took some of the dishes and arranged them in one of Mr's creations, a hutch

I would say that most of these are transferware, brown. The large brown pitcher is held together at the pouring spout with scotch tape, but it still looks good on a shelf. I passed up the covered casseroles the first day, but snatched them up the second day. I don't know why any other dealer didn't find these before me...

I look for ironstone marks on the dishes like these

One of the bricoleurs says she will help me with the pricing. That is the hardest part for me. I want to sell them and not have them as museum pieces in my store.

One last piece was this bowl -- it is Metlox and the Rooster is a trademark to look for.

All, in all I spent around $100 for all of these. That is more than I would normally spend, but I know that the value is here.

Well, keep your eyes peeled, you may run acorss a find like this sometime.


  1. You got a fabulous deal!! Wow!! Good luck with it all, it will all sell! By the way, I'm working on your emailed question, I'll let you know what I find out!

  2. Those were awesome. I am drooling over the brown transfer ware... :)


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