Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Easy Hamburger Patty Press

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I love hamburgers, although I don't make them a lot.
Even better, I love the condiments that go on to make a great hamburger.

Every once in a while, Mr and I get the notion that we must have a good hamburger.
Our local store has specials on Mondays and this was one of the deals of the day.
It is a 2 lb "chub" of hamburger. Good stuff.

The butcher on staff saw us looking at it and he was very helpful in pointing out the
pros and cons of different brands.

He told me of a way to make patties that is really easy.

You will need a flat bottomed plate to use to push down the patty,
and a surface to push onto...
that sounds like I could have said it easier...

Here is a flat bottomed pie dish and I chose a plate to contain the burger patty.

Cut the "chub" into large slices, probably about 1 1/2" to 2" thick, it all depends on the diameter
of the original chub.

Peel off the surrounding plastic and place it on your surface.

Put the flat bottomed plate over it and press down.

A perfectly formed patty without getting your hands all messed up.

I like to make up the chub and then wrap the patties, two at a time,
in plastic wrap and then into a zipper-type freezer bag.
I then freeze them until time we want to use them.
It is simple to pull out what is needed.

Time to "fire-up" the grill.

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